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Different Snake Game Mods You Should Not Miss To Play

Want some fun? Try different Google Snake game mods and kill your boredom! 

Those who have used Nokia must have played ‘Snake Game’ – one of the most-loved games of Nokia users. However, Nokia keypad phones have almost vanished and been replaced with smartphones. Seeing its engagement, Google brought it to the internet in versions. Now, you can seamlessly play the Snake game on PC and mobile through a web browser with the same gaming experience. But it may get boring to play just one game mod repeatedly. 

You can jazz up your gaming experience by adding more Snake games mod. These mods bring different colours and features to make the game more interesting. The downloading and installation are easy, so you do not need an expert’s help to activate them. Want to play more Snake game mods? We covered several mods to make your gameplay more exciting. 

Snake Game & Its Mods 

A Google Snake Game is the web variant of the mobile version of the Snake game. The gameplay of this game involves controlling a Snake that grows in size as it eats dots and other objects in its way without crashing into the wall. The main goal of eating the dots is to increase the score. The Snake will die immediately, and the game will end if it hits the wall. 

The classic Snake game variations were introduced in the early mobile phones, and different platforms adopted the same. These latest snake game mods, or modifications, come with multiple features which enhance the game experience. The Google Snake game mods include simple changes, such as altered graphics, to complex additions, such as new levels or game mods. 

Want to explore the complete Google Snake game mods? Continue reading the article. 

Best Google Snake Game Mods

We have included the five Snake game mods that are most in Google searches. You can add them to your browser and have fun for hours. Ready to explore the latest mods of the most beloved Snake game? Let’s start!

Google Snake Menu Mod

If you want extreme fun, Google Snake Menu Mod is the right choice. This is among the most popular Snake game mods that bring everything to a classic Snake game. There are several features which will change the entire game, such as adding more characters, changing the map & background, adjusting the speed, bringing new objects, removing the wall edge, etc. In a nutshell, with one mod, you will have all the custom features. 

Mouse Mod

We all know that Snake games are played with a keyboard (mobile or PC), but you can play the game using the mouse with Mouse mod. Among several Google Snake game mods, this unique feature will definitely make the gameplay interesting. Using the mouse, you can easily move the Snake in any direction, and the movements will not be linear, unlike traditional variation, which actually increases the fun. 

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Dark Mode Mod

If you are addicted to the Snake game and play it for hours, Dark Mode Mod is one of the preferable Snake game mods. Because it is based on a dark theme, you can play it longer than other games. The black screen is soothing to the eyes, so it lets you use it for a long time. You can also add custom colour schemes for every element by adding the RGB colour code. From wall to Snake, you can change the colour of every element, which means you can choose the colours according to your preference to make the game more engaging. 

Change Board Size

Unlike Google Snake Menu Mod or other Snake game mods, you can alter the board size in Change Board Size to allow your Snake to move endlessly in any direction. In addition to the board size, you can also change the title colour to dark. The different dimensions of this mod bring distinct challenges. Sometimes it may be difficult to win the game because of the extensive distance between the Snake and its feed. To make your game more interesting, you can set the largest board size.  

Time Keeper Mod

Time Keeper Mod is the next mod on the list of Google Snake game mods. Since the Google Snake game does not keep your best score and fastest time, you can enable this mod. It will keep your best score in the record to compare your performance. The timer will display at the top of the window, and you can switch between various game configurations with the help of a gear button. This will add different challenges to uplift the gameplay and make it more interesting. 

Enjoy New Snake Game Mods 

Among several Snake game mods, these are the popular ones. Get your favourite one and start playing now. The Google Snake game will not let you remind you of the mobile version that you used to play on Nokia. So if you want to relive your childhood in a better version, try Google Snake game mods now. Also, suggest it to your parents who miss playing Snake games on their keypad phones.

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