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Unblockit: 100% Access To All Blocked Torrent Websites

Just imagine you have planned a movie party with your friends, and you are unable to access the streaming website. You have tried dozens of websites but are facing similar issues like ‘Blocked Site’, ‘Access Denied’, and ‘This link is not working’. All these cases indicate that the websites you are trying to reach are blocked. 

While this error indicates that you can not access the blocked website, there is a solution – Unblockit. Yes, you got it right. You can access all the banned websites with the help of Unblockit. Just like its name Un-Block-It, the website can unblock several restricted websites and provide you access. 

With the help of Unblockit, you can get direct links to different types of websites like torrents, streaming, sports streaming, music, books download sites, and direct downloads. It is one of the finest platforms that allows you to enjoy entertainment content without charging any cost. 

Access To All Proxies With Unblockit 

Since Unblockit provided access to movies, music, and book links, entertainment has become easier. The website has gained popularity in no time among those who use torrent sites like The Proxy Bay, 133X for watching movies, TV shows, and web series for free. With this platform, you can access websites that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or government has blacklisted.

The main reason to ban torrent websites is the use of copyright data. These websites distribute content without the permission of their owner, which is illegal. Therefore, the government or IPS bans such torrent websites in order to halt piracy. 

No matter why the website is banned, Unblockit can access your region with just a few clicks. Let’s know the possible scenarios for using Unblockit to breach denied access. 

When do you need to use Unblockit?

Your access to the website may be restricted for many reasons, but mainly because someone is trying to prevent you from using the website. Here are a few major reasons that websites are blocked. 

Blocked by school or college 

Not every feature or browser is accessible on school computers because they want students to focus on their studies rather than gaming and movies. Usually, the school blocks websites’ URLs, which means whenever you search for a particular website,- you will see the message ‘Access Denied.’

Blocked by government  

The use of torrent websites is banned by the government because piracy is illegal in most countries. Whenever the government caught anybody performing proxy or found any website in operation while distributing the copyright content without the owner’s permission, they blocked the website immediately.  

Blocked by ISP

The reason for blocking the website by ISP may vary, but actually, they are meant to prevent web traffic that could violate the law or providers’ terms of service. Sometimes ISPs may also restrict access to safeguard their interests. So the reason may vary, but the restrictions can be breached in several ways, such as Unblockit. 


Some websites are blocked in particular regions or areas, and this type of restriction you may find on streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Videos, etc. The reason may be that the content is irrelevant, illegal, or unsuitable for that particular area. 

The website itself blocks access

Some websites choose their audience itself, so they block the access of those who do not want to use the website. Platforms like Omegle and Twitter can ban users in order to violate their terms & services or promote illegal activities. In such cases, you will get the simple message – You’re banned, but how can you get around it? The answer will depend on the method of the ban. If your account has been blocked, then you won’t be able to bypass it using workarounds like VPN or Unblockit. Instead, you will need to create a new account. 

How Unclockit helps you to use banned websites?

Unblockit has several proxies or mirrors that allow you to access blocked websites. Some of the Unblockit proxies are provided below:


This is an official platform to use Unblockit. Using it is quite simple since the interface is easy. The homepage is divided into two sections depending on the link categories, making searching for your favourite movie easy. This platform is fast and provides a seamless user experience. 


Another proxy link for Unblockit is Unblock_it.gitlab.io/site which is known for the following features- 

  • High-quality links
  • Easy to access
  • All links under one umbrella


It provides free access to the most popular torrent platforms, including – 

  • The Pirate Bay
  • 1337X
  • PutLocker
  • LiveTV


This platform is known for providing perfectly accessible links for almost all websites and can entertain for hours. The most popular website links are-

  • ETTV
  • GloTorrents
  • ExtraTorrents
  • OnionPay
  • DailyFlix
  • AnimeSeries


Unblockit.ch is best for streaming mirrors for music and anime. So if you can not access your favourite movie website, use Unblockit.ch. 


The last mirror platform for Unblockit is Unblockit.buzz, which has an easy interface and several accessible links, making it the perfect destination for movie lovers. 

If you use Unblockit, you may need these mirror sites to access the platform in restricted areas. 

Disclaimer: Smartphone Crunch does not promote any kind of piracy, and this article is created for only educational purposes. We only recommend using legal websites to watch and download your favourite movie. 

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