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‘Raji: An Ancient Epic’ Review: Beautifully Lies On The Novel Settings

While most conversations around the world are bound to the ethics of teleportation and time travel, adventure games have taken us back to the golden age. They are simply amazing. Any time, any place, and dimension – the adventure gaming genre is an ultimate tour in itself. From Dead Cells, Outer Wilds, Jotun, Or and the Will of the Wisps to Hollow Knight, we have seen thousands or even more adventure-packed action games but nothing could please as this Indian adventure, ‘Raji: An Ancient Epic’.

Developed by Nodding Heads Games, Raji proves that a video game can get a lot of inspiration out of a novel setting combining with a fetching art-style. This was something we could relate to while playing “Raji: An Ancient Epic,” an action-packed award-winning game steeped into centuries-old Hindu mythology.

We recently got to know about this; a dedicated, 2-D-animated opening introduces us to Raji, who is a young beautiful woman, followed by her younger brother Golu. They both are alone in this world save for their friends, fellow carnival performers. Though a mysterious voice-over, their warrior-goddess mother, Durga or Kali, recounts how Raji performed her acrobatic skills to entertain the audience in a festival. On the other hand, her brother performs a puppet show.

It was going well, but the performance cut short when a demon kidnapped Golu and other children of their fellow performers. It seems that have taken inspiration from Krishna Leela or any other Indian epic.

In the confusion of a series of events, Raji was knocked unconscious. She wakes up in an unfamiliar area in the foothills of a cave whose mouth reminds of a big cat, as shown in Hindu Epics. Going inside, she reaches a temple with a painted or marbled floor and a huge statue of multi-armed goddess Durga. She does some prayer and the goddess appears to Raji, encouraging her before giving her the Trishul, a weapon.

We recently tested this and here is a detailed review on Raji: An Ancient Epic. All we can say is that the game is engaging and beautifully lies on the novel settings, dropped somewhere in the great Hindu mythology.

It is Just a Bit Sunny and Sandy Sightseeing Tour

Playing this game is like getting a ticket for an express tour through some of the ancient buildings and monuments around the hotspots in India. Throughout the play, the spiritual voice of Vishnu and Durga will provide you with insights into the most popular legends. As a title, the decision to go on an Epic journey was easy for Raji. Golu, her brother accompanied her on this journey. Soon they both find themselves amid the demon attack led by some mysterious creature, Mahabalasura. After the demon kidnapped Golu, Raji gets ready to play the role of chosen hero to complete the task, assigned by the god.

Despite the deep connection with Hindu Epic, the storyline of Raji: An Ancient Epic is so amazing and engaging to show you some most amazing scenes across the Indian landscape. Though Hindu lords play a great role in this game, the crux of the game is all about its exploration and combat. Raji is aligned to multiple levels, set in different locations, each introducing new power, weapons, and demons to defeat. You will quickly be addicted to see what’s next. And, that’s what makes it the best adventure game in India.

The tutorial opens into a new tutorial and the game machine-gun fires the guides at you. Raji is not an average woman, she can jump, chain dodges, run over walls, climb walls, flip, and more. She is truly a superhero. All levels are almost similar, but the weapons, powers, landscape and the demon changes with every tier, making it interesting to continue ahead. Exploration in this game is half, difficulty is low, but the rewards this game offers required an eagle eye to be found. Player awareness and mastery of movement are all this game requires.

Getting Brawns Over Brains

The half of Raji: An Ancient Epic relates to PUBG Mobile’s ancient temple, however, it never gets clear when a demon invasion arrives. But, if you reach an empty place, chances are to be in combat soon. With combat scenes becoming exciting at every age, there is everything from a light combination to a heavy, gap-finishing combo, pole stuns, wall strikes, alternative powers, executions, dodge strikes, and an additional AoE special weapon. If it doesn’t excite you, Raji can swiftly swap between four different weapons and three different types of abilities or powers that come with a new movement and effect.

From our perspective, it is a recipe for success with a diverse effect and ability list, but Raji: An Ancient Epic combat is simply not tough. Despite lots of features, weapons, and abilities, the puddle-deep tactics, and cumbersome controls. Moreover, the enemies are vicious, attack fiercely and so frequently. With so many enemies on the screen just like The Witchers, you would like to get a screen split feature in Raji’s toolkit. Unfortunately, you won’t get it.

Weary Won’t Get a Restful Life

With numerous formidable foes on the field with unwieldy combat, it comes as a blueprint of disaster. However, Raji: An Ancient Epic’s second half is contained with tough enemies, having more weapons or elements that in the end does not heal the pain. By the time Raji got the third weapon introduced, there won’t be any functional incentive to be switched off. The same goes for true elements, which all have been performed effectively. By sinking to all the orbs on different levels, you will spec into specific passives for each element, which are mostly similar.

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Keep in mind that no enemy can be fought with more effectively using one weapon over another effect. Though there is a potential for elemental properties to some spice to your combat. However, it never came true. Over the session of four hours, we got expertise in combat machines, toolkit, effects, and additional features. 

Midway There

Most of the Raji: An Ancient Epic’s downtime will be spent on Vishnu’s stories around. One of the most engaging parts of the gameplay opens with the paintings engraved on the wall. Each painting is associated with a part of a series of paintings from Hindu Epics. Interacting for one or two minutes with Vishu’s painting is okay, but there won’t be any other way to leave if it passes 5 minutes. The cutscenes and opening phase are mesmerizing. However, it is a shame that the game’s most interesting bits take place when you leave the keyboard.

With the fusion of Hindu mythology and breathtaking sights and sound, the Raji: An Ancient Epic introduces sub-par gameplay which is courtesy of a clumsy combat system and experiences. Back on refreshing settings, the gameplay will leave you speechless with its outstanding trims.

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