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Google Pixel Buds Pro Vs. Sony WF-1000 XM4: The Comparison

In the world of tech enthusiasts and gadgets, the battle between two giants is constant. One such battle is between Google Pixel Buds Pro Vs. Sony WF-1000 XM4. These two earbuds have been on the market for a while and are widely praised for their high-quality audio and seamless performance. The unique features and exceptional performance confused users about choosing the best one from these two. Considering this concern, we reviewed both and brought Google Pixel Buds Pro vs. Sony WF-1000 XM4. 

If you want new earbuds meeting your specific requirements, read this detailed comparison for an informed decision. Let’s take a look at Google Pixel Buds Pro vs. Sony WF-1000 XM4 through a table before you get into the details. 

A Detailed Table Of Google Pixel Buds Pro Vs. Sony WF-1000 XM4

Google Pixel Buds ProSony WF-1000 XM4
Earphone Type In-ear In-ear
Connectivity Type Bluetooth Bluetooth 
Bluetooth Version 5.05.2 
Diaphragm 12mm6mm
Size 0.88 x 0.87 x 0.93 inches (per bud); 0.98 x 1.97 x 2.49 inches (charging case)1 x 0.8 x 0.8 inches (per bud); 2.4 x 1.5 x 1.1 inches (charging case)
Weight 6.2 grams (per bud); 62 grams (charging case)5.6 grams (per bud); 56 grams (charging case)
Wireless Charging CaseYes Yes 
ControlVoice Assistant Tap Control 
Battery Life 7 hours (ANC on), 11 hours (ANC off), 20 hours (charging case with ANC on), 31 hours (charging case with ANC off)8 hours (ANC on), 12 hours (ANC off), 24 hours (with charging case)
Battery Charging TimeAlmost 1 Hour Almost 1.5 Hours 
Water Resistance IPX4IPX4
Features Transparency modeVolume EQGoogle TranslateNotificationsEartip SealSpatial audioAudio SwitchingGoogle Assistant Voice Activation CheckFind My DeviceBluetooth MultipointTransparency modeAdaptive EQSpatial AudioAutomatic SwitchingEar Tip Fit TestEnhanced Find My“Hey Google” or “Alexa” Voice-activated Assistance MagSafe charging caseSpeak-to-ChatQuick Attention Mode
Cable Type USB C to USB A USB C 
Noise CancellationYes Yes 
Price $190 (Approximately)$280  (Approximately)

The Difference In Design

Starting Google Pixel Buds Pro vs. Sony WF-1000 XM4 with the design of earbuds. Both earbuds have a chunky design, a little out of the ear. People with small ears may find it a bit uncomfortable. If compared both, Google Pixel Buds Pro is lighter and smaller than Sony WF-1000 XM4. 

The Difference In Design

Google Pixel Buds Pro comes with traditional silicon, and Sony offers foam tips. The Google’s buds tip is less comfortable than Sony, but it provides a better seal and blocks the outer noise. Both earbuds come with IPX4 water resistance which is good enough for sweating and drizzling but not for swimming. 

Moving forward with Google Pixel Buds Pro vs. Sony WF-1000 XM4, the control system is another aspect of comparing both earbuds. The earbuds have no physical buttons, and all the controls are touch-based. The only difference between both earbuds is Google Pixel offers more options than the Sony one, such as Google assistance, Play/Skip/Pause, Volume up/down, etc. 

Sony WF-1000 XM4

In terms of the look and feel, both earbuds are attractive and come in multiple colour options. 

The Difference In Features

Now, the next parameter of Google Pixel Buds Pro vs. Sony WF-1000 XM4 has their features. Let’s start with noise cancellation. Both devices have active noise cancellation, which performs a great job, but Pixel Buds somewhere lags in noise cancellation during phone calls. 

Google Pixel Buds Pro vs. Sony WF-1000 XM4

Both earbuds support voice assistance also, which you can control by touching or holding the earbud. Google Pixel Buds Pro supports Google Assistance, whereas Sony WF-1000 XM4 works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. 

Coming to Bluetooth connectivity, Google Pixel supports Bluetooth 5.0 version, and Sony supports Bluetooth 5.2 . Google Pixel can be connected to two devices simultaneously. But with Sony, you can only use earbuds with one device. 

The Difference In Sound

The next aspect of Google Pixel Buds Pro vs. Sony WF-1000 XM4 is sound, which is the major concern when buying the best earbuds for you. Both devices have powerful sound and high-end quality, clear, detailed, and robust. 

One additional feature that sets Sony earbuds apart from Google’s full equalizer with the companion app. Google has promised to bring this feature soon, but it might only be locked with Google Pixel phones

Sony WF-1000 XM4 Features

Overall, the sound quality of both earbuds is unparalleled. 

The Battery Performance of Both Devices

The battery makes a significant difference between Google Pixel Buds and Sony WF-1000 XM4. When performing Google Pixel Buds Pro vs. Sony WF-1000 XM4, we noted one hour difference in the battery life of both earbuds. Google Pixel Buds Pro runs 7 hours, whereas Sony offers one additional hour. Both devices come with a wireless charging case that extends the battery life of both earbuds. The Google Pixel gives you 13 hours of extra battery life, and Sony offers 24 hours. 

One good thing about these earbuds is the fast charging that improves the user experience. 

If you are looking for good battery life earbuds, then Sony WF-1000 XM4 is the right bet. 

Google Pixel Buds Pro vs. Sony WF-1000 XM4: Which One To Pick?

In the battle of Google Pixel Buds Pro vs. Sony WF-1000 XM4, no one is a definite winner. The choice ultimately depends on your preferences and priorities. If you prefer better battery life and noise cancellation, then Sony WF-1000 XM4 is a better option. But if you want multipoint connectivity, then Google Pixel Buds Pro can suit you best. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which device is more comfortable, Google Pixel Buds Pro or Sony WF-1000 XM4?

Sony WF-1000 is light in weight and comes with foam tips, making it more comfortable than Google Pixel Buds Pro. 

Are Sony WF-1000 XM4 worth buying?

Yes, if battery life and noise cancellation are your priority over price, then Sony WF-1000 XM4 is a great deal. 

Does the Sony XM4 leak sound?

Well, it completely depends on the volume and the atmosphere. It is normal to leak sound if your volume is high or you are in a quiet place. 

What is the battery life of Google Pixel Buds Pro and Sony WF-1000 XM4?

The Google Pixel Buds Pro offers 7 hours of battery life, and Sony WF-1000 XM4 delivers 8 hours. Life can be extended up to 13 and 24 hours, respectively, with their cases. 

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