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Unleash The Power Of U&I Pickup Series 10W Bluetooth Soundbar

The ever-surging demand for state-of-art audio devices galvanised by the advancement in audio technology has metamorphosed the music world copiously. Back in the day, the sway of Chinese brands like Real Me, Xiaomi, and Huawei, to name a few, were fairly in vogue. Amidst the Make In India furore, the deviation towards homegrown products was at its culmination, which opened the door for numerous new Indian brands that were struggling to sell their products in the market dominated by Chinese brands. Established in 2019, U&i, India’s most progressive Gadget Accessory and Consumer Electronic brand, emerged as an invincible contender, offering impressive sound quality and wireless convenience to those prioritising unique design, innovative technology, and compelling prices. 

U&i Pickup Series 10W Bluetooth Soundbar is launched as a sleek and powerful audio device to elevate your Audio World experience. Let’s delve into the read and see how this audio device ameliorates your audio experience to new heights. 

A Steller Beginning 

Listening to music with high-quality sound is a stringent demand of every “music lover.” Promising to upgrade the home entertainment experience, U&i Pickup Series 10W Bluetooth Soundbar has revolutionised the audio sphere enormously. As a sleek and powerful audio device, it immaculately integrates into any living space while taking your audio experience to a notch higher. The device will put a sweet smile on your face when you listen to it for the first time. The design, sound quality, battery life, and performance have made this device talk of the town. Continuing to be the users’ favourite brand, the company aims to scale the ladder and become India’s most trusted lifestyle and portable electronic brand by ensuring premium quality at competitive prices. 

Sleek Design

Designed with GenZ in mind, U&i Pickup Series 10W Bluetooth Soundbar vaunts avant-garde and sleek designs seamlessly blending with your home decor. Its compact size allows for multifaceted placement options, whether it’s mounted on the wall or placed on the shelf; it will elevate and add charm to your home decor. The multi-connectivity option encompassing AUX input and USB port gives you the privilege to connect multitudinous devices and expand your entertainment realm. In addition, the device also comes with easy-to-use controls, making volume adjustment easy for you to switch between different modes and customise audio settings without any hassle.  

Dulcet Sound Quality

Encompassing a 10W speaker system, the soundbar churns out clear and impressive audio, permeating your room with rich tones and dynamic soundscapes. Whether you’re listening to music, watching movies, or playing games, this soundbar magnifies your audio experience with upgraded bass and crisp treble, bringing out subtle nuances in your audio content. As the device embraces the wireless revolution with its powerful Bluetooth 5.0 technology, it allows seamless integration with TV, smartphones, and laptops while giving you the freedom to stream music or movie on your preferred device. No impediment is imposed by cable or wire, as you can effortlessly control the audio experience from anywhere in your house while enjoying your favourite music. 

Long-Standing Battery Life

From design to sound quality, battery life is another centre to attraction of this device. Featuring a 1200mAh battery capacity with 100% charging in 3 hours, U&i Pickup Series 10W Bluetooth Soundbar promises to give 6 hours of battery backup to keep you rocking in your own music world. You can harmoniously listen to your favourite music or watch movies without worrying about charging the battery for the next 5-6 hours. As the device is freed from tangled cables or restricted movement, you’re on the loose to take it anywhere, enhancing your music experience in the outside environment. 


U&i Pickup Series 10W Bluetooth Soundbar is manifested to be a miraculous addition to your home entertainment setup that exceptionally creates a remarkable music experience. Available at Rs 999, the soundbar is for everyone who wants a premium product at pocket-friendly rates. Whether you’re a cinephile, musicophile or game fanatic, this soundbar is designed to immerse you in a world of enhancing soundscapes. Explore the depth of this soundbar and be ready to be spellbound. 

Digital Rating

  • Design- 8
  • Performance- 8
  • Features- 8
  • Sound Quality- 8.5
  • Bass- 7.5 
  • Battery Backup- 8.2
  • Value For Money- 8
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