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Follow The Trend: Learn How To Play Cup Pong On iPhone

Whenever we think of party games, one game always tops up the list, i.e. Cup Pong. It is a very popular game played to keep people entertained at parties, and now it has carved its way into the technological area as well. To save yourself from the monotonous and boring days, you can always ping your friends and invite them for a virtual game of cup pong. If you want to learn this game, then read this article and find out how to play cup pong on iPhone

Cup Pong, Never Heard Of It?

The most played game at a teenage party, cup pong is a fun and entertaining party game that everybody enjoys. Now the game has found a spot in the ios world as well and people are interested in knowing how to play cup pong on Iphone.The game requires 6-10 cups arranged in a triangular formation on each end of the table. Both the team can have 4-5 members each. On getting a chance, a member of the team has to roll/throw a ping pong ball with an aim to get it inside the opponent team’s cup. Each team will get a chance one by one and the team who puts the ball in the opposite team’s cup wins. Sometimes, the game is also modified according to the type of party as well. For an adult party, cup pong becomes beer pong. In this modified version, the cups kept at each side of the table are filled with beer and everytime the ball lands in the cup, a team member has to drink the entire beer glass. This game has become one of the most played games at parties. After being a hit at house parties, cup pong is also available on mobile phones. Lets see how to play cup pong on Iphone

Not Installed Cup Pong Yet? Follow The Steps !

The famous game cup pong is not only limited to parties but has found its spot in the technological world as well. Now, cup pong can be played on Iphone as well. Let’s see how to play cup pong on Iphone.

  • Cup Pong is not a pre-installed game.To play cup pong, you will have to install the game on your Iphone. To install the game, follow these steps:
  • Open the message app,and open any contact.
  • Then navigate to the app store from the menu and install Game Pigeon, a free add-on. 
  • Move back to the messages app and open a contact.
  • You will see an additional icon in the menu bar. Now you can access the game from the panel. 

Moving To Tech: Now Play Cup Pong On An iPhone

Now that you have installed cup pong on your phone, let’s see how to play cup pong on Iphone with your friends to keep you entertained during the most boring days. 

  • Open the message application on your phone and select the contact with whom you want to play the game.
  •  Search the game in the game bunch on the menu bar panel on your Iphone. 
  • Select the game “cup pong” from the game bunch and click the blue arrow to send an invitation request to your friend. 
  • After the game request is accepted, start with the competition.
  • Each player will get an equal number of chances to get the ball into the cup. Each player will get 2 chances in a row and then the updates will be shared to the other player. 

How To Play Cup Pong On iPhone?

After learning the whole process of installing cup pong, lets see how to play cup pong on Iphone,

  • Once you have accepted the request, the game starts.
  • To throw the ball into the cup, slide your finger upwards with the intensity depending on the distance that you want to cover. If you want to throw your ball in the last cup, shoot the ball with high intensity and if you are aiming for the first cup, then you can keep the intensity low. 
  • After two shots at the game, the game updates will be sent to the opponent and they can watch how you played. 
  • The person who gets the ball in all the cups wins the game. 

Brownie Points: Winning Tricks

Since you have come this far down the article, and learnt how to play cup pong on Iphone, we will make sure that everytime you play cup pong with your friends, you win. This section of the article will let out some secret tips and trick shots that you can use to win the game every time. 

In the beginning shoot for the middle cups and get them out of the way in the first few turns. To aim for the middle cups, keep the trajectory of the ball straight and shoot with good intensity. 

If ever you feel the game is going out of your hands, you can use the trick to aim for the areas where more cups are left. This is a general phenomena that the probability of the ball landing the cup will increase if the number of cups are more. 

When aiming for the cups at the side, make sure to measure the trajectory of the ball so that you don’t waste your chances. 

The most reliable and sure shot trick of winning the game is to practise more and save your moves by accurately aiming for the glass. 

End Note 

The world is moving fastly with automation and technology. To keep up with the world, you will also have to keep yourself up to date with the latest tech developments. A step forward in that direction could be as small as learning how to play cup pong on iPhone. These small steps will define the whole journey in the process of coming at peace with technology. 

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