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How to Get Verified on Tinder? Follow This Step-by-step Guide

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps with 57 million people throughout the world. It has recently launched its verification feature to make the platform safe for users. If you wonder how to get verified on Tinder, this post is worth reading about Tinder Verification. From what is Tinder Verification, step-by-step guide to verify tinder account, how it works, and FAQ section, this has everything you should need to know about.

What is Tinder Verification?

Tinder verification is a recent feature launched by the company for the safety of users, especially women. With this feature, Tinder verifies the user’s profile via taking a selfie to confirm your real identity. The company finds it an effective practice to stop catfishing and other malicious activities using fake or unreal Tinder profiles. 

With Tinder verification, it will be more difficult to create a fake Tinder profile and upload a model or unreal profile picture. The company will soon introduce this feature throughout the world, eventually. 

It’s time to learn how to get verified on Tinder. The following section will elaborate on the same. 

How to Get Tinder Verification?

You have probably heard about Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter getting verified and blue ticks. For these social media accounts, blue marks mean this profile belongs to the celebrities or the renowned public faces having verified accounts. But getting verified on Tinder is different. A verified Tinder account means you’re a real person and tick marks distinguish real and verified users from unverified users. 

Some people say that the verification and blue tick mark doesn’t make sense since anyone can get blue tick marks, however, they are not aware of the effectiveness of the verification feature. If you want your Tinder account verified and are looking for ways on how to get verified on Tinder, you have come to the right place. 

Getting verified on Tinder is easy if you are real. You just need to take a few selfies in different poses. Tinder will compare it to your existing profile photos using human-assisted AI technology. If your photos match, your account will get verified and a blue mark will appear next to your name on your profile. Here is how to get verified on Tinder. Step-by-step guide-

  • Open the Tinder app and log in to your account using credentials.
  • Tap on the Profile Icon and head to your profile page. 
  • Click on the Grey Tick next to your name. 
  • You will be shown a series of pictures of models making weird facial expressions or poses. Take your picture using your phone’s camera, copying those poses or expressions.
  • Submit your photos, wait for further proceeding. 
  • Tinder will let you know that your verification is ‘Under Review’. 
  • It will take a few minutes for your picture to process. 
  • Once the process is completed, you will be getting an email telling you your account has been verified or asking you to retake photos and try again for verification. 

If your verification gets completed, you will have a blue tick mark next to your profile and everywhere else on the app. So this is how to get verified on Tinder. If ‘how long does it take to get verified on Tinder’ is what you were thinking, then you can see it was just a few minutes procedure. Haven’t verified your account? Do it now!

How Does Tinder Verification Work?

Photo verification on dating apps is usually a security feature. It is good and safe to accomplish this process for security reasons. Tinder verification will be conducted in two parts: face verification and pose verification. When you complete both steps successfully, your account will be verified and you will get a blue mark on your profile. 

Tinder will pass your verification by comparing your profile picture and selfies using human and advanced facial recognition technology. 

Tinder will keep the selfies photos for later verification. This is how Tinder verification works. We suggest you get your Tinder account verified as soon as you can whether you think it is important or not. The above guide on how to get verified on Tinder will help you do so. The blue mark on Tinder can get you a bit more attention until more and more people get familiar with this new yet worthy feature. 


Is Tinder verification a Scam?

Being a dating app, Tinder is always treated as an insecure app. Tinder verification is also treated as a scam. But it is 100% legit. There are always ways to manipulate the stuff, but the two-step verification process reduces the chances of hacking. 

I Can’t Verify my Tinder Profile, Why?

Tinder profile verification is currently available in selected countries. So check whether your country has launched the feature or not. Or you might be facing any technical error. Wait for some time and try again. 

What Does Blue Checkmark Means on Tinder?

You probably get an idea with the above details. Though, the blue check mark tick next to your profile name shows that your Tinder profile is now verified. 

Do You Have to Be a Celebrity to Get a Blue Checkmark on Tinder Profile?

No, not at all. Like other social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, a Blue checkmark on Tinder doesn’t mean you’re a famous personality. On Tinder blue tick simply means your profile is verified. 

Hopefully, in this post, you get answers to most of your queries, from How to get verified on Tinder to how it works and how long does it take to verify your account.

With this feature, Tinder, the most popular dating app, becomes more safe and secure to use. Now you can rely on the profiles having blue checkmarks and get your perfect match.

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