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How To Edit A TikTok After Posting: Guide In Simple Steps

According to reports, TikTok will have more than 1 billion active monthly users in 2022. Therefore, it’s the ideal platform for spreading the word about your brand or company to a larger audience. But you’ll need to watch out because of the possible audience size, as they could figure out even the slightest of your mistakes. Before publishing, update your Tik Tok content to ensure it conveys the intended message. Things do, however, occasionally go between the gaps. If that’s the case, how to edit a TikTok after posting? Unfortunately, it’s not always simple to accomplish this after they’re posted. And if you subsequently realise that you made a mistake, that might be a significant setback.

But don’t be concerned! The methods for editing TikTok posts and subtitles after you’ve posted them will be covered in this article. We’ll also go over some preventative measures you can take.

So let’s get going! To learn more about how to edit a TikTok after posting? 

What are the tips on how to edit a TikTok after posting? 

Let’s be clear: once a TikTok video is published, it cannot be fully edited. However, using the techniques outlined here, you can quickly alter the TikTok subtitles and a few other minor elements. So let’s get going and get proper information on how to edit a TikTok after posting! 

Method 1: Save the video and re-upload the reel  

The quickest approach to changing TikTok captions after a video has been posted is to save your video or reel and then re-upload it. You can easily make some minor adjustments to know how to edit a TikTok after posting; simply follow the steps below.

  • You may access your profile by selecting the “Me” button in the lower left corner.
  • Choose the video that needs editing.
  • An icon with three dots can be found in the side menu. There are numerous ways to share and save the video.
  • Select “Save video.” Your selected video is now saved in your gallery, along with all the soundtrack, filters, and effects you applied.
  • After this, you can delete the uploaded video. 
  • Click on the given plus icon and then re-upload the reel. 

TikTok also provides other features while creating a reel; if you are looking for different edit options in the reels, you must learn how to add Siri voice on TikTok to make videos handier

Method 2: Completely remake your video to make significant changes

You cannot alter the video by saving it and uploading it again if you need to make significant modifications, such as changing the soundtrack or the effects. To learn how to adhere to the procedures listed below.

  • Before more people see your first try, delete it.
  • Visit the Tik Tok Plus symbol. Search for the uncut video in your collection and include it.
  • Include all your effects, even the new ones you previously missed. All of the stickers, noises, music, texts, and other effects are available for selection.
  • Once all of your edits are in place, only then should you post your new video.

Method 3: TikTok editing made simple with saved drafts

Here is a suggestion to assist you in editing Tik Tok videos before publishing them. It’s not too difficult! To begin editing, all you need to do is save the changes to your draughts. This can be a useful trick to use before submitting your Tik Tok captions in order to avoid any mistakes or typos. By following the steps below, learn how to edit a TikTok after posting your saved draughts.

  • Return to the “Me” icon.
  • To access all of your stored videos, open “Drafts.” Decide which video you wish to edit.
  • Upload after adding your edited Tik Tok caption. Alternatively, you can continue modifying your video by tapping the back arrow at the top.
  • Once you are happy with the edits, upload them.

In the past few years, there have been many platforms available for creators. After TikTok was banned from the country, people started looking for other platforms as well to promote their content. However, there is no chance that people could replace TikTok as it is popular and very convenient to use for users. There are other methods as well that could ease the process of editing the reels, videos and captions after the upload. Though we suggest you must cross-check all the processes and then upload the video to avoid any further discrepancies. 

Continue using Tik Tok without concern!

It is said that “to err is human.” You may fastly and stress-freely alter your Tik Tok videos and captions by using these specific tricks and advice provided above. Also, you can look for other features that are mentioned while making a reel on the app. Many creators are working on such apps to gain fame, maintain a lifestyle and earn a wholesome amount just by promoting content and creating reels and videos that are loved by viewers. 

Since you have learned enough about how to edit TikTok after posting, Utilising TikTok, a fantastic platform for brand promotion, will be essential to expanding your company in the years to come.

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