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Feel The Pulse Of Music

The global wireless speaker market was valued at USD 42.35 billion in 2023. It is projected to reach USD 154.35 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 14% during the forecast period (2024-2032). 

  • Straits Research Report 

If music be the food of love, play on – this quote from William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night clearly depicts the significance of music as a tangible force that magnifies and enhances one’s emotion. As the world is making technical advancements, people’s requirements for music systems have also gone a step further up the ladder. 

Nowadays, users seek something that can start streaming music instantly or use popular music apps like Apple Music and Spotify to easily personalise presets for one-touch access to the music they love. They need something that lets them take full control of their listening experience and browse popular music services, Internet radio stations, or their stored music library. Imagine having a speaker containing all these advanced features that can alleviate your music experience. Seeing the people’s demand for a ‘quality music system,’ a homegrown company, BOSE, has introduced the ‘SoundTouch 10 Wireless Speaker,’ which can stream music anywhere and anytime with voice control. 

Stream Your Favourite Music Anywhere 

With millions of people streaming music every day, Bose ushers in a new era of playing it all for paying at home with its next-generation SoundTouch wireless music systems. The SoundTouch wireless is perfect for instant music-streaming and multi-room listening. 

John Roselli, general manager of Bose Wireless Speakers, said, “SoundTouch has always been about the experience — what listening to streaming music at home should be like.”We engineered everything around that simple idea. So, SoundTouch systems are easier to use than anything else available, they sound incredible, and now they let you listen to anything from your phone or tablet in as many rooms as you want. There’s nothing else like it, and the SoundTouch 10 is a great way to get started,” he added further. 

Easy Setup And Intuitive Control 

Setting up SoundTouch 10 is a duck soup process. Install the free SoundTrack 10 app from the Google Play Store on your device, plug into your speaker, connect your device, and control it with the app and an intuitive remote. 

You can also enjoy hands-free voice control of your SoundTouch speakers using an Alexa-enable device. Just open the Alexa app, search for ‘Bose’ under the Skill menu, follow the simple steps, and you’re golden. 

Captivating Design 

The speaker comes with a Zeppelin-shaped structure, giving it a classic-looking appeal. The speaker measures just 21.2 high x 14.1 wide x 8.7 cm deep. It comes with Bose’s digital signal processing with the new Unidome transducer, a 2.5 powerhouse, which generates the highest excursion for any transducer of its size in Bose history. The performance is quite remarkable as it produces cleaner, deeper, and louder than any single speaker of its nature. 

Sound Quality 

Bose claims that SoundTouch 10 sound quality is good, boarding on great but short of exceptional. It is able to produce a decent amount of bass and good clarity, resulting in full-bodied sound. The company also claims that the speaker offers a better streaming option in crowded environments, like apartment buildings in the city. 

According to Bose, SoundTouch 10 is the best speaker ever produced. Be it a kitchen, bedroom or living room, this small speaker can easily connect to your smartphone anywhere. Featuring such a great sound with a versatile Bluetooth connection, Alexa compatibility and the ability to integrate with other Bose speakers, this small speaker can produce melodious music while enhancing users’ experience. With technical advancement, it can be said that the company will surely amaze its users with more such IoT-based speakers.


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