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Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Wi-Fi vs Lockly Secure Pro

With the growing burglary and robbery, smart locks have emerged as a paramount component in modern residential and commercial settings. Integrated with advanced features like remote monitoring, real-time notification, and entry restrictions from anywhere, smart locks have bolstered the effectiveness of modern security measures. Two companies, U-Tech and Lockly, are head-to-head with their flagship smart locks. Making modern people’s lives easier with state-of-the-art locks integrated with advanced security features, both companies are claiming their smart locks to be quintessential. U-Tech’s Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Wi-Fi and Lockly’s Lockly Secure Pro are both smart locks vying to clinch on the people’s favourite list of ‘smart locks.’ This read will analyse both these smart locks on numerous factors. 

Reasons To Consider U-Bolt Pro Wi-Fi

Your Finger Is Your Key – Gone are the days when you would require a key to unlock. Experience a 360-degree fingerprint ID powered by an AI self-learning fingerprint algorithm. 

Anti-peep tactical keypad – Easily manage access for every person and  door in your home or office with the app from anywhere or at your convenience. 

Versatile Locking Options – An impressive range of 6 different methods of locking and unlocking is seen in this lock, which takes your home security a notch higher. 

Built-in WiFi – This smart lock boasts built-in Wi-Fi with exceptional performance. This is the best choice for doors located several rooms away from the router. 

Robust Battery – Powered by four AA batteries, the company claims that it can last between 3 and 6 months with normal usage. 

Reasons To Consider Lockly Secure Pro

Real-Time Alerts And Logs – Get notified whenever someone opens or unlocks your door. This restricts the robbery from happening in your home. 

Offline Access Code – No internet, no problem. You can send access codes remotely and grant access to your friends and guests without any connection to the internet. 

Durable Battery Life – Powered by 4 x AA Alkaline batteries, they offer 10 to 12 months of battery life with 10 times a day use. 

e-Key Distribution – This smart lock comes with an e-Key distribution that you can send to anyone, anywhere, anytime for keyless entry. 

Scan A Lock – The much faster way to unlock your house or office lock is through a scan rather than entering a code. This is the best way to monitor and unlock the door. 


Ultraloq U Bolt-Pro Wi-Fi is a versatile smart lock with a charming low-profile design and a fast, quiet mechanism. The smart lock is designed in a square shape with numerics embossed on the display. With 128-bit AES Dynamic Key Encryption and premium ally construction, this lock is physically and digitally unbreakable. Whereas Lockly Secure Pro is designed with a patented PIN genie numeric keypad smartphone app, Alexa or Hey Google voice control. This smart lock has four virtual keys, each with three different numbers. Lockly Secure Pro is designed with a modern concept for modern people. 

Ultraloq U Bolt-Pro Wi-Fi – 80%

Lockly Secure Pro – 85%


As a dependable and versatile smart lock, Ultraloq U Bolt-Pro Wi-Fi unlocks your door with a voice and fingerprint sensor. Its unique features and long-lasting battery make it a great smart lock. This lock also supports Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands to enhance your smart lock experience seamlessly. On the contrary, Lockly Secure Pro allows you to unlock the door with virtual and physical keys and can store up to 99 fingerprints. This smart lock uses a 3D fingerprint sensor based on the capacitive technology. In addition to the fingerprint reader, you can use the combination lock, which is designed for security, not convenience. 

Ultraloq U Bolt-Pro Wi-Fi – 75%

Lockly Secure Pro – 70% 


As the name suggests, Ultraloq U Bolt-Pro Wi-Fi requires a Wi-Fi bridge to connect to your home Wi-Fi. This allows you to connect to your smart lock via smartphone, automate with Alexa, Google Assistant, Smart Things, and IFTTT and receive notifications. Lockly Secure Pro, on the other hand, offers a free iOS and Android app which you can use to control your door from anywhere in the world. This means you can also operate the lock through Bluetooth, Alexa, and Google Assistant. 

Ultraloq U Bolt-Pro Wi-Fi – 80%

Lockly Secure Pro – 85%


With advancements in technology, companies are proactively introducing unique smart locks to upgrade people’s security standards. Both the smart locks Ultraloq U Bolt-Pro Wi-Fi and Lockly Secure Pro are what one should try on with these smart security integrated advanced features. If you want to go with versatile locking options, Ultraloq U Bolt-Pro Wi-Fi should be your priority, while you can prefer Lockly Secure Pro for its e-key distribution and other features. 


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