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10 Cool Apple Accessories to Upgrade Your iPhone

Do you want to upgrade your iPhone without replacing it with a higher model? No worries. We have rounded up some really cool and exciting Apple Accessories to improve functions. These accessories will help preserve your iPhone’s quality, longevity and pulling its maximum weight.

Whether you need accessories to protect your phone or you want to make the most out of it, you will find a perfect addition to pair with your iPhone. So, let’s gauge through the best Apple Accessories to upgrade your iPhone.

1. iPhone Leather Wallet With MagSafe – Arizona

Talking about the best Apple Accessories right now, MagSafe has created an ecosystem of accessories for easy attachment and improved functionality. This iPhone Leather Wallet is designed by MagSafe, keeping safety and style in mind. Crafted from specially tanned French Leather, this iPhone Wallet can hold up to three cards with increased safety of MagSafe.

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2. iPhone 12 Clear Case With MagSafe

Thin, Light, and Easy To Grip – that’s how Apple-designed iPhone 12 Clear Case looks. If you want to show off bright colors and fine finishing of your iPhone but are also concerned about safety, this is one of the best Apple accessories to buy right now.

Besides safety, it comes with built-in magnets that align perfectly with the iPhone 12, this case offers an exceptional wireless charging experience.

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3. AirTag Leather Key Ring

Do you keep losing your keys? It’s normal due to memory lapses with growing age. With Apple-designed AirTag, you don’t need to worry about your car, home, or other keys. Apple’s AirTag is an advanced tracking device that acts as a key finder. AirTag Leather Key Ring is thoughtfully designed from the finest materials to fit perfectly. Although the AirTag is also sold separately, this keyring is easy to attach.

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4. AirPods

Whether you’re on the race track, sitting in the office, or hitting hard in the gym, these AirPods can accompany you anywhere. Designed to deliver high-quality audio and wireless listening experience, these AirPods are perfect to pair with your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac.

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5. Camera Adapter

The latest iPhones are no less than any DSLR camera. iPhone 11 and 12 Pro are best known for their extraordinary camera features. If you often capture pictures and shoot videos from your iPhone, you can quickly transfer photos & videos or other media from your iPhone to Camera or vice-versa.

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6. iPhone 12 Leather Sleeve With MagSafe

If you are a bit extra curious about the safety of your iPhone, this is perhaps one of the best Apple accessories to pair up with your iPhone. This sleeve feels soft outside and develops a natural patina over time to provide complete protection to your iPhone from all sides. It is made of high-quality material to safeguard your phone from scratches and drops.

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7. iPhone 11 Smart Battery Case

The battery has always been a significant concern of iPhone users but not anymore. With this intelligent battery case, you can expand the battery life of your iPhone 11. Apart from increasing battery performance, this case provides full-on protection to your iPhone. Moreover, you can launch the camera app and capture impressive photos with just one tap.

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8. iPhone 11 Pro Max Folio-Aubergine

If you still keep physical receipts of your bills and documents, this is the best accessory to purchase and attach with your iPhone. Crafted from finely tuned European leather, this Folio-Aubergine case protects your phone from outer elements and holds your banknotes, receipts, and credit cards as well.

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9. iPhone Lightning Dock

If you are searching for Apple Accessories for office use, this iPhone Lightning Dock is perhaps the best one. You can charge or sync your iPhone that has a lightning connector. Your iPhone will sit upright on the dock while it is charged, so it is perfect for your office table or worktop. Apart from this, you can use this iPhone Dock in many other ways, including transferring data from your Mac.

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10. HomePod Mini

Answering calls from your iPhone, listening to music from your Mac, or upgrading your streaming experience by connecting this to your Apple TV, HomePod Mini is one of the best Apple Accessories to purchase and pair with your iPhone or other Apple gadgets. Whether you are looking for an everyday music player, weather forecaster, or a remote light switch, HomePod does the basics for you.

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These are the best Apple accessories we found perfect to pair with your iPhone. If you are looking for anything else, let us know in the comments below.

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