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Best Vivo Earphone Prices: Is It Worth Buying Them?

Today, most people have a pair of earphones that they use to enjoy music, gaming, or movies. However, there aren’t many earphones that offer the best value for money. One of the leading manufacturers of earphones is Vivo, and lately, Vivo has been making some solid earphones. This begs the question, what are the best Vivo earphone prices, and are they worth it? So, in this blog, we will take a look at the best Vivo earphone prices and how good they are. We have compiled this list in the ascending order of prices of the earphones. So let’s get started. 

Top 5 Vivo Earphone Prices

Vivo is a Chinese multinational conglomerate that started operations in 2009 and has established itself as one of the leading tech companies in the world. Initially, the company used to make HI-FI units and smartphones but as time went by, the company started manufacturing other smartphone accessories like earphones, smartwatches, cables, back cover and many more. However, their earphones have caught some clout in recent years. 

1- Vivo XE160 Wired Earphones

These are lightweight, affordable wired earphones that offer a robust sound and almost zero latency. These earphones have one of the best Vivo earphone prices and they are a good value for money product. They have a 3.9 star rating on Amazon which shows that many people have liked the product.  These wired earphones are the entry-level earphones in the Vivo earphone product line-up. 

Price- ₹299

2- Vivo Sport Lite Wireless Earphones

Another earphone in the list of best Vivo earphone prices, these earphones are the entry-level wireless earphones of Vivo. Having a sound driver size of 11.2 mm, these wireless in-ear earphones are also waterproof and pack great bass and sound quality. On top of that, it supports the latest Bluetooth v5, which means that the connectivity is awesome as well as the latency is also very low. They have a battery life of around 18 hours and have a type-C charging port for fast charging. 

Price- ₹1999

3- Vivo HP2154 Wireless Earphones

These are the next level of Vivo wireless earphones and one of the best Vivo earphone prices. The basic structure and specification of this earphone are almost the same as the last one. However, the thing that makes it different from the previous offering is its sound quality and the bass it offers. Moreover, these earphones have a better battery life than the previous entry. In short, these earphones are superior to the earphones mentioned above in almost all aspects of earphones. 

Price- ₹2499

4- Vivo TWS Air

The next in line of the best Vivo earphone prices is Vivo TWS Air. This is the entry-level true wireless earphones offered by Vivo. The earphones come with a case to charge them just like many others. This device has a battery life of more than 25 hours when carried in the case. The earphones have a battery capacity of 29 mAh per earpiece while the total capacity of the case is somewhere around 430 mAh. The earphones have a driver size of 14.2 mm, which is slightly bigger than their wireless earphones. 

Price- ₹2999

5- Vivo TWS 2e

The next step in Vivo TWS ownership, TWS 2e is among the best Vivo earphone prices and rightly so. The main step up is in battery life, you can use these earphones for 7 hours straight without needing to recharge them again. However, if you have the case, these earphones will give you a battery backup of more than 28 hours. Another standout feature of Vivo TWS 2e is that it has active noise cancellation. This means that if you want, you can be secluded from the outside world and won’t hear any sound from the outside world.

Price- ₹3299

6- Vivo TWS 2 ANC 

The latest offering from Vivo in earphones and one of the best in Vivo earphone prices, TWS 2 ANC are one of the best active noise-cancelling earphones in the market right now. They also support the Qualcomm aptX adaptive Bluetooth codec, which makes sure that the sound quality is good in every type of media format and audio codec. On top Of that, these earphones also have the longest-lasting battery; the pair offers a battery backup of more than 30 hours with their case. 

Price- ₹5999

Final Thoughts

Vivo is one of the biggest tech companies in the world and their latest offerings are a testament to that. The products offered by Vivo are loved by consumers from all around the world. So there you have it, these are the best Vivo earphone prices. However, it’s worth noting that the prices of these products are subject to change, so before making up your mind, you might first wanna recheck the prices.

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