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How To Get Rid Of A Pink Spot On Phone Screen?

Are you facing a problem with a pink spot on phone screen? Don’t know what it means and how to fix it? Allow us to help you in this situation. We are sharing detailed information about this problem and appropriate solutions in this blog. So, without any further ado, let’s scroll down and learn how to eliminate this problem.

Defining The Pink Spot On Phone Screen

Also known as screen burn or ghost image in Android phones,  a pink spot on the screen means a couple of stuck or dead pixels. It can also result in pink lines on the mobile screen. A couple of dead or stuck pixels are mostly seen and this is a serious problem. Individual dead pixels are not noticeable however, if not fixed on time, they expand and eventually occupy the whole screen.

Possible Reasons Of  The Pink Spot On Phone Screen

In the course to learn how to fix the problem of a pink spot on phone screen, you also need to understand what causes this problem.

  1. If your iPhone has a defective part, this problem can occur. 
  2. A  pink spot on phone screen iPhone can also appear because of a hardware problem. 
  3. Watching video content with high picture quality daily can cause pink spots in phones with AMOLED or OLED screens.
  4. If there is an unattended photo left on your mobile phone for a long time, it displays the pic even if the device is locked. It can also result in a pink spot on phone screen or a screen burn.
  5. Putting too much pressure on the mobile screen or accidentally dropping it can trigger the pink tint problem on phones. 
  6. In iPhones, screen burn can appear because of downloading an infected app or other media files. It gives access to spyware and malware to the phone that causes the problem. 
  7. Using an older version of the operating system can cause the problem of screen burn on IOS devices.

Does The Pink Spot On Phone Screen Spread?

While the spot will appear in a tiny size at the beginning. If you are thinking of not fixing it, think again! The spot will gradually increase in size and will occupy the whole screen eventually. 

Harms Of Pink Spot On Screen

A pink spot on phone screen can have several effects on a user’s daily experience with their mobile. 

  1. It will dim the visibility of apps and programs so users can face difficulty in accessing them.
  2. While people spend most of their time on mobile screens enjoying movies, TV shows, and web series, an interruption can occur in their enjoyment. 
  3. People who spend time working on mobile screens can face severe effects as it will increase the likelihood of errors in task performance.

Tips To Fix The Pink Spot On Phone Screen

There is more than one cause of the occurrence of a pink spot on phone screen including hardware problems. They all require different methods to fix it. Below are the steps you can follow to get rid of this trouble.

  1. If there is a Pink Spot on phone screen iPhone because of hardware, you will be required to get your phone repaired. 
  2. By decreasing the lock screen timeout duration users can fix the problem.
  3. iPhone users can hard reset their devices which will aid them in eliminating this issue. 
  4. Android users can go to settings and find the Android version option in About phone. By clicking the Android version option 7 times they can access the developer option and fix the  Pink Spot on phone screen android.
  5. In iPhones, this problem can also occur because of hardware issues like screen defects. 

Tips To Avoid Screen Burn 

The pink spot on phone screen or screen burn is pretty annoying and takes effort to fix whether you are an Android user or an IOS user. Below are some steps that you can follow to forestall this problem.

  1. Prevent using extremely bright wallpapers or images.
  2. Do not use images on the lock screen that have extremely light and dark colours. 
  3. Reduce the screen brightness on your mobile.
  4. Always use the auto-brightness option on mobile. It will dim and enlighten the screen according to the light exposure.
  5. Ensure that there are no apps that stop your phone’s screen from turning off.
  6. iPhone users must check out if there is any malware or spyware on their IOS device.
  7. Make sure your IOS device has the latest operating systems.

Summing Up

A pink spot on phone screen can appear because of excess pressure on the screen, accidentally dropping the phone, an older version of the operating system in IOS, etc. While it’s not certain that you won’t face the problem, you can avoid extremely bright wallpaper usage, keep the latest IOS version on Apple devices, and use auto-brightness. It will decrease the chances of the occurrence of screen burn on your phone. The steps to fix the pink spot on phone screen Android or IOS are easy. Use the comment section and let us know if you have encountered this issue on your phone and how you fixed it.

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