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OnePlus Band: A Smart Health Partner With Decent Features

With the increasing demand for smart devices around the world, the OnePlus Band is ready to meet the emerging needs of its customers in the affordable segment. With the release of the latest health-tracking fitness Band, OnePlus has finally debuted in the wearable segment. OnePlus Band comes with the ability to track heartbeats, steps, blood oxygen levels, and other features as well, such as sleep tracking and camera shutter controls.


Smart wearable must be designed smartly and OnePlus was aware of this smart sale tactic. Therefore, the OnePlus band features a simplistic yet appealing design – an oval-shaped tracker neatly fitted into a matte silicone strap. 

The OnePlus logo below the display takes a bit off, truly from an aesthetic point of view. It could be a bit better to use OnePlus’s logo instead of the full name. Additionally, the dual-colored silicon strap is impressive and gets a soft finish. The tracker and the band together weigh around 22.6, which doesn’t feel so hefty on the wrist.

Unlike other fitness bands in the market, even the iWatches, which starts irritating after a while, the OnePlus Band would not. We wore it continuously for days and only undone for showering and charging. The band is completely water-resistant, it comes with IP68 certification, which means you can wear it in the shower as well. However, don’t do it unnecessarily. The only thing we don’t like about the OnePlus Band is the proprietary charger as we had to remove the tracker from the strap and placed it on a charge.

Getting Started

The OS and UI are simply amazing and to start using the band, you will first need to charge the tracker. At first, we tried it with the OnePlus Health App (Available on Android), it was quick and easy. All we did was turn on the Bluetooth and follow the instructions on the application.

Receiving calls through the band is not possible, but you can reject them in a single swipe up. Get all the notifications in one tap on the Homescreen. Swipe up and you can access your daily workout, heart rate, sleep, SPO2, weather reports, and so on. The OnePlus Band remains in control with amazing features.

OnePlus band is the best exercise partner, in fact, a companion that protects silently.


Talking about its performance, the OnePlus Band is perhaps the most opt fitness band for health enthusiasts. It can track daily activities like step-count at the easiest and besides this, it can track 13 other activities including, outdoor run fat burn rate, walk, cycling, elliptical trainer, rowing machine, cricket, swimming, yoga and offers free training.

We tried a few of these. However, it cannot track indoor walk, which is perhaps the easiest way to exercise. Incorporating the current scenario, the blood oxygen tracking on this band is undoubtedly the nicest add-on. OnePlus band is capable of measuring both SpO2 and heart rate as well.

Apart from a few lacks, the sleep tracking is purely accurate and correctly identifies the bed and wake time. With my sleep cycle between 6 to 7 hours daily, my sleep tracking shows the average and the app suggests my sleep is insufficient.

Onboarded with these features, the band comes with a powerful battery backup and an accurate health app. The band battery lasts 9-1o days on a single charge, unlike OnePlus claims of 14 days. 

In the overall testing, we found the OnePlus band is quite perfect for those looking for a smart fitness band that could appraise for body activities along with some significant features. 

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