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NextGen Smart Tech On Wrist

More than 219.43 million people use smartwatches globally in 2023; as per the latest reports, experts predict the number will reach 230.85 million by 2028. 

  • Statistica

Living in the age of smart technology recreates the outlook of accessories. Brands are competing in the wearable market with revolutionary IoT innovations to keep a high stake. Leading Indian wearable brand Fire-Boltt is ready to ace the market with the launch of its  Dream smartwatch on 10th January 2024. The company is breaking the stigma of traditional watches with astonishing tech features and edging luxury lifestyle statements. 

Ongoing hype of the Fire-Boltt Dream Smartwatch swipes up the curiosity of tech enthusiasts. From a sleek design display to 4G connectivity, the smartwatch aims to put all specifications in one place to ease usability. The intrusive integration of sensory features and GPS upgrade makes it the perfect IoT-embedded gadget to use in 2024. Fire Boltt Smartwatches are replicating true testaments on how wearable technology will unfold in the future. 

Rolled-On Features 

Entering the wearable market with an affordable launch price of Rs 5,999, the Fire Boltt Dream Smartwatch is emerging as a compelling choice. The device features a sleek compact watch design with a display of 2.02-inch and 320×386 pixels. High connectivity compatibility of 4G LTE nano sim slot, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth with inbuilt OTT and gaming apps.  The device complements Android users’ smartwatch expectations with Google Play store support, cloud-based watch faces, Google voice assistance, and IP67 water resistance. The battery of this smartwatch can last for 8 days with continuous use. 

Catering the powerful performance with Arm Cortex A7MP quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, and 16GB internal storage. Altogether, Fire-Boltt made efforts to design it as a budget-friendly 4G smartwatch for users. According to the Times of India, Fire Boltt currently ranks second on the list of top smartwatch companies in India. Dream smartwatch will be a smart move to overtake the tech wearable market. 

Twist of MS Dhoni X MC Stan 

Fire Boltt takes a step further with gearing advertising for the Dream smartwatch. They pick two pole-apart personalities to capture the audience’s eyes on the smartwatch launch. Legendary Indian cricket player and iconic face of Chennai Super Kings, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, and completely part sensational rapper, MC Stan. No chance social media will not get flooded with likes and reshare this eye-capturing campaign #GaleTohMil.

It is indeed a strategic move for Fire Boltt to get an edge for perfect advertising. Even if the MS Dhoni fans are not happy with the collaboration, the campaign succeeds in creating the hype for Dream Smartwatch. 

“We are proud to introduce our Wristphone through this entertaining and engaging ad film featuring two iconic personalities, MS Dhoni and MC Stan. This product is a game-changer in the wearable tech space, and we believe that the film will effectively communicate its unique features to our audience.”

  • Arnav Kishore, CEO and Founder, Fire-Boltt

Juggling Task 

Seamlessly answering calls, smart app notifications, WhatsApp chat & email responses forward organised comfort for users. Fire Boltt Dream features swift voice assistance to schedule meetings and set reminders to ease task juggling. Step into the new productivity alley with a new smartwatch to let the technology automate the task. Keep an eye on smooth transitions and smart touch to scale up navigation and deliver convenient workflow. 

Following the base of the mini-phones, Fire Boltt Dream heads to the center stage to constitute all key specifications. Be it entertainment or working app assistance, it surpasses the line of productivity for users with a handy experience. 

Take On Health Suite! 

Turning to smart health measures, Fire Boltt boasts a dedicated health suite with heart rate sensors, SPO2, 20+ sports modes, and calorie tracking. Projecting the best utilization of IoT technology, it transforms the smartwatch wearable paradigm. It confines your indoor and outdoor fitness routine to enrich your workout experiences.  

As per the latest reports, people are actively moving to a smartwatch to monitor their daily fitness routine. Beyond counting steps and calories burned, the device enables one to track sleep duration, blood oxygen level, heart rate, breathing rate, and others. 

“ECG monitors on smartwatches were 93% to 95% accurate at correctly identifying and distinguishing between different types of heart attacks”

(Study By JAMA Cardiology in 2020)

Tech-friendly people get a viable choice in the smartwatch to try something different and unique. Fire Boltt set high expectations for users to unlock better durability and configuration at minimal prices.


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