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The Most Expensive Headphones In India- Cost And Features

Sennheiser, the renowned German audio brand, shocked the Indian audiophiles by launching its most expensive headphones in India, HD 820, worth INR 1, 89, 990. How much would you be able to pay for a high-end audio device? The answer relies on how enthusiastic you are about high-fidelity sound reproduction devices. But, what if you have to fork out in seven digits for a pair of headphones. There are high-end audio devices that cost a substantial amount of money and come with outstanding functionalities. 

Intending to inform audiophiles of some highly-priced audio devices, we are preparing a list of the most expensive headphones in India. 

Sennheiser HD 820

According to reviewers, closed headphones could never sound as immersive as open-air headphones. They claimed as per physics, it would never let happen, but Sennheiser has changed their presumption. Sennheiser HD 820, the most expensive headphones in India, combines cutting-edge glass reflector and ring radiator transducer technology to deliver an unrivaled listening experience that is both vibrant and uninterrupted.

Cost- Rs. 189,990


  • Concave Gorilla Glass reflectors
  • Acoustic absorber system
  • Cosy microfiber ear and headband padding
  • Ultra-ergonomic movable metal headband
  • Circum-aural Dynamic Stereo


  • Unbalanced; 4.4 mm Stereo Jack Plug
  • XLR-4 Wired Connector
  • USB Flash Drive (SD-U16L version

Sennheiser HD 800 

Sennheiser HD 800 includes Sennheiser’s 60 plus years of smart headphone innovation. These fully enclosed dynamic stereo headphones redefine the reference-level audio experience. This high-end audio machine is one of the most expensive headphones in India and it lets you have a high-fidelity natural hearing experience and reach a new level of sonic perspective.

Cost- Rs.1,37,778


  • Circum-aural dynamic stereo headphones
  • Natural hearing experience
  • Dynamic transducer design
  • Uncovered earcups & metal headband¬†


  • 3.5 mm Gold Plated Jack
  • 6 Hz ‚Äď 51000 Hz Frequency Response¬†
  • 102 dB/mW Sensitivity

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Audeze – LCD-X

Audeze LCD-X is the most neutral LCD Collection of the Audeze, which explains its charm to audiophiles, recording engineers, and musicians for its clarity and accurate dynamics. Although the Audeze LCD-X, one of the most expensive headphones in India, is sensitive enough to be driven directly by portable players and smartphones, it performs best with an external amplifier. The LCD-X was created to function with several different driving sources. Although all LCD-series products benefit from a high-quality amp, the LCD-X enables high volume without a headphone amplifier from handheld players to studio use.

Cost- Rs. 99, 990


  • Planer magnet drivers¬†
  • Counter-intuitive sound¬†
  • Replaceable Mini XLR Cables
  • Open-Back Design


  • 10Hz – 50kHz Frequency Response¬†
  • 103 dB/1mW Sensitivity¬†
  • 106 mm Transducer size

Beyerdynamic – T5 (3rd Generation)

The latest addition to Beyerdynamic’s flagship model, the T5 (3rd Generation), marks a turning point in the company’s history. Beyerdynamic has raised the bar in both sound and design with the third generation. Manufactured in Beyerdynamics base in Heilbronn, Germany, the T5 is also one of the most expensive headphones in India and is another step closer to perfection. The T5’s third-generation achieves greater accuracy, better presentation, and realistic reproduction of high-quality sound.

Cost- Rs. 84, 999 


  • Tesla Drivers¬†
  • Sophisticated closed Design¬†
  • Balanced Sound Signature¬†
  • Replaceable cables¬†


  • 5‚Äď50,000 Hz Frequency response¬†
  • Tangle-Free Cord, Lightweight
  • Three-pole stereo jack plug

Apple AirPods Max 

Apple Airpods Max was the most-awaited headphones across the world. These Apple-designed headphones have exceptional fit and audibly designed foam ear cushions. It includes an active noise cancellation feature that restricts the external ambiance for an immersive sound experience. Its spatial sound functionality makes it a cinema-friendly sound device.

Cost РRs. 59, 990 


  • Apple-designed dynamic driver¬†
  • Spatial audio with magnetic head tracking¬†
  • Transparency mode¬†
  • Active Noise Cancellation¬†


  • Up to 20 hours of listening time
  • Dimensions- 6.64 x 3.28 x 7.37 inches
  • 384.8 grams weight¬†


HiFiMan HE560 headphones have a large soundstage, which is ideal for gaming, watching videos, and listening to music. The depth of the music in this one of the most expensive headphones in India is increased by the way the sounds are distributed across headphones over a vast region. As they are open-back headphones, they may have a broad soundstage as a result of their design. 

These planar magnetic headphones have improved instrument separation and come up with a reputation for excellent sound quality. They’re known as open-back earbuds because they allow the ear cups to breathe while you listen to music.

Cost- Rs. 52, 646 


  • Open back design¬†
  • Lighter in weight¬†
  • Planar Magnetic Headphones
  • Premium Cables¬†¬†


  • Dimensions – 20.32 x 17.78 x 11.43 cm
  • 375 grams weight¬†
  • Real wood material¬†

AKG K44 

The AKG K44 are over-ear headphones that are lightweight and pretty comfy that restrict sound leaks. Unfortunately, this one of the most expensive headphones in India is best suitable to use in quiet surroundings and its usage should be while engaged in physical activity. They have a unique design, and the sound quality is the best in this price range. The AKG K44 is more suited to studio recording and analytical listening.

Cost- Rs. 50, 000 


  • Circum-aural, closed-back design¬†
  • Adjustable Headband
  • Velvet ear pads
  • Varimotion Speakers¬†


  • Dimensions- 26 x 24 x 13 cm¬†
  • Weight – 480 Grams
  • Detachable 3 m cable

Panasonic RP-DJ1210

Panasonic RP-DJ1210 headphones are designed specifically for professional DJs, producers, musicians, and music fans. These headphones are built to deliver exceptional sound quality. These headphones are formally known as Technics headphones, which offer a unique aesthetic, supreme comfort, and long-lasting durability. The user will appreciate the wide, padded headband on this one of the most expensive headphones in India. The closed-ear design ensures that users can clearly hear every sound.

Cost-  Rs. 42, 155 


  • Coiled durable cords for pro-usage
  • Around ear wearing style¬†
  • The power-packed enhanced bass sound¬†
  • aptX for superior music streaming


  • Dimensions ‚Äé13.97 x 9.4 x 17.53 cm¬†
  • 41mm pro drivers¬†
  • 5 Hz-30 kHz Frequency response

Sennheiser HD 450SE

The¬† Sennheiser HD 450SE is a Bluetooth headset that delivers superb wireless sound and keeps you linked to Amazon Alexa with ease. Superior music quality with deep dynamic bass, active noise cancellation, and modern Bluetooth technology provides excellent adaptability for audiophiles. You’ll never miss a thing, whether you’re at home or on the go, thanks to the great 30-hour battery life and Alexa’s proximity.

Cost- Rs. 39,065


  • Active Noise Cancellation¬†
  • Effortless connection with Bluetooth 5.0
  • Smarter Control App
  • Discrete minimalist style¬†


  • Frequency response 80 Hz to 8,000 Hz
  • 600 mAh Built-in Lithium-Polymer Battery¬†
  • Weight – 238 grams¬†

Audeze iSine 10 

The Audeze iSINE 10, one of the most expensive headphones in India,¬† has a unique sound and appearance. The Fluxor Magnets and big 30mm planar magnetic diaphragms provide precise control and quick response times without distortion, ensuring that music sounds alive at all times. There’s no other in-ear headphones that come close to its performance when you add the CIPHER Lightning cord with built-in amplifier and DSP.

Cost РRs. 24, 999 


  • Balanced sound signature¬†
  • Planar Magnetic Drivers¬†
  • Semi open-back design¬†
  • Tangle-Free Cipher Cables


  • 10Hz ‚Äď 50kHz Frequency response¬†
  • ¬†110dB sensitivity¬†
  • Planar magnetic transducer¬†

Bottom Line 

The above-mentioned prices of headphones are obtained from leading online stores active in India and may vary from country to country. Probably, there will be more entries that can be added to this list of the most expensive headphones in India. 

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