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Microsoft Announces Retirement of GPT Builder

American tech giant Microsoft recently announced the retirement of its AI (Artificial intelligence) tool, GPT Builder. The company shared that the feature will be discarded from the Copilot Pro subscription bundle between 10 July 2024 and 14 July 2024. Microsoft has not shared the reason behind this decision to retire its AI tool. GPT builder was rolled out three months ago with the Copilot Pro subscription plan. 

Microsoft mentioned in its support document: “Microsoft will remove the ability to create GPTs starting 10 July 2024, and then remove all GPTs (created by Microsoft and by customers) along with their associated GPT data also starting 10 July 2024 through 14 July 2024.

GPT Builder was launched as a tool that allows Copilot Pro subscribers to create mini chatbots for specific objectives. These GPTs are also called AI agents and can be developed with specific instructions. As the GPTs are small, they cohere the guidelines. For instance, a Copilot GPT created to inspect research papers can help all their contradictions. When first launched, these GPTs were said to be helpful to save time by reusing a couple of prompts.

The Redmond-based American multinational corporation reassured its users that it is actively assessing its strategy for Copilot adjustability. Microsoft also looks forward to prioritising the core product experience for Copilot, a move that aims to enhance user confidence and security. Surprisingly, GPTs will be available for Microsoft’s commercial and enterprise clients and are only being retired for the consumer-focused AI platforms. 

Microsoft has asked users to save the instructions for any Copilot GPTs created prior to 10 July 2024, as GPTs and the data will be accessible after that. Users can see the instructions in the edit mode and save them. The company said it would delete all subscriber data collected by Copilot GPT from its servers.  

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