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Is Mangastream Dead? Is It Shut Down For Good? 

The internet is flooded with Mangastream down Reddit searches. Anime and manga lovers have been searching the internet for credible information on whether the channel that delivered manga for a decade is shut down. Mangastream is popular for freely distributing some infamous anime like One Piece. Moreover, there have been rumours about fake Mangastream sites, so we must elaborate on the issue.

Mangastream Down?

Did you come across Mangastream down Reddit posts? We will give you a credible answer about the issue. Yes, Mangastream got completely shut down in 2019. They removed all their tweets from Twitter and converted to a private account. Therefore, you’d have to check other alternatives for chapters of mangas like Berserk.

While you explore other websites due to Mangastream down, Reddit has some posts about fake Mangastream websites that you might come across. However, as the post clarifies, the website is fake, as Mangastream completely shut down. 

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Alternative Websites For Mangastream

The departure of Mangastream is probably the end of most popular manga scanlation websites. However, these dark clouds have a silver lining to them; only we need to look for them. The move is intended to promote the legal reading of manga and allow premium sites like Manga Plus to thrive. 

Mangastream down Reddit brings us to top alternatives that manga lovers can use to read content from many genres, such as fantasy, sci-fi, romance, and horror. 


TenManga is a fabulous website that will save you from hours of boredom after you can’t find your favourite manga. Like Mangastream, it has many options in mangas which you can search thanks to a search bar at the top of the website. If you are unsure what to start with, the website features a surprise option, which you can use. TenManga will then surprise you with an excellent recommendation to watch. 

Mangastream is down, but TenManga is here to save the day. Navigate to the site and start watching now. 


MangaDex is a good choice for manga lovers. It has different versions of the same comic and gives users much to choose from. Moreover, it has a large number of comic books, and that includes fan-made endings and coloured versions as well. MangaDex publishes its comics in more than 20 languages. 

Therefore, regardless of the language you like to read your manga, you can get translations into many languages. So head over to MangaDex right now and start reading.


Crunchyroll is a fabulous alternative to Mangastream. It has popular manga and anime in one place with an intuitive site that resembles Mangastream. The site categorises the contents into genres such as romance, action, sci-fi, and horror and makes it easy to navigate. Crunchyroll also has a premium plan for its most valued content, for which the users need a subscription. If you don’t have a credible website to watch from after Mangastream down Reddit, you can head over to Crunchyroll. 


    ManagaReborn is a top recommendation for users looking for manga and anime content for free. It has a user-friendly interface making the website very easy to navigate. Moreover, apart from the manga content, the fans can now stay abreast of new developments through the news section that fills them in with the latest buzz of the manga world. MangaReborn has top-read content when it comes to manga and anime. 


    MangaPark has a very engaging yet simple website full of highly sought content. If you are a manga lover and heartbroken by Mangastream down Reddit news, don’t worry anymore. MangaPark has an incredible range of manga and anime from every genre. Moreover, while watching online on this site, you can customise the lighting and theme as dark or light. Some filters allow you to turn off adult content. 


    It is an incredible website platform for reading manga. However, as compared to other websites, the options to choose from could be higher. MangaEden features its limited content of manga on an appealing website. 

    The content on the website is free, and you need not pay to start watching. Moreover, for premium features, you can register or subscribe. You should definitely check out MangaEden and enjoy watching the mangas available there. 

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    There you go, top and highly content-rich websites to continue watching mangas after Mangastream down Reddit news. Therefore, enjoy watching and sharing the blog with your friends and colleagues. Let us know about more queries in the comment section!

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