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The Honest Hyperx Cloud Earbuds Review |Design & Performance

The Hyperx Cloud earbuds review begins with, they are known as the best gaming earbuds, but can they prove true to its name or will they fail to pass the Smartcrunch best gaming earbuds under 5000 test? In this post, we will give you a detailed Hyperx Cloud earbuds review along with its specifications. Hop on!

Hyperx Cloud earbuds technical specifications

Team Smartphone Crunch brings you a table for the Hyperx Cloud earbuds review. We will discuss its specifications like sound quality, built design, microphone quality and many more in the latter section. 

Headphone design In-ear
Drivers Dynamic 14 mm with neodymium magnets
Impedance (ohms) 65 Ohms
Speakers frequency response 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion < 2%
Sound Pressure Level 116 dBSPL/mW at 1 kHz
Microphone Type Electret condenser microphone
Polar Pattern Omni-directional
Mic Sensitivity -42 dBV (0dB=1V/Pa,1kHz)
Mic Frequency Response 100 Hz-6,300 Hz
Audio Jack 3.5 mm TRRS
Cable Type and Length 4 pole, 1.2 m
Weight 19 g
Price Starting from Rs 2000 (depending from where you get them)

Sound Quality

Let’s start the Hyperx Cloud earbuds review with its sound quality, they didn’t fail to deliver the best sound quality, proving true to its best gaming earbuds tag. It comes with a sound of 20 Hz – 20 kHz frequency which is compatible with crisp mids and competently rounded highs.

Though, Hyperx Cloud earbuds failed to provide with sufficient noise cancellation, they are still able to cancel out the environmental sounds, but only upto muffled sound. If you increase the volume to the highest in order to cancel out the surrounding noise, you will come across another negative, which is its sound leakage issue. 

Nonetheless, you will be able to hear every small detail such as gunshots or waves of ocean while playing your favourite game like Battleground-mobile or binging Netflix using Hyperx Cloud earbuds. The Smartphone Crunch Hyperx Cloud earbuds review finds its sound quality very impressive considering they are a pair without an active Sound Surround feature.


Next in the Hyperx Cloud earbuds review comes its connectivity, these earbuds come with a 3.5 mm TRRS audio jack, which makes this best gaming earbuds compatible with any device supporting 3.5mm CTIA standard connectors. However, the biggest setback is lack of Y-cable splitters, making Hyperx Cloud earbuds pc incompatible. 

Anyhow, the Hyperx Cloud earbuds were designed specifically for mobile gaming and they also work well with handheld gaming consoles. You can buy the best gaming earbuds via official store, online shopping platforms or simply search “Hyperx Cloud earbuds near me” and get them from the store. 

Microphone Quality

The Hyperx Cloud earbuds come with an agreeable microphone but they are still too sensitive for liking. We can’t forget to mention about its sensitivity in the Hyperx Cloud earbuds review which is so high that it not only catches the sound from the background but also captures the breathing sound of the person wearing the earbuds. 

Moreover, the Hyperx Cloud earbuds do not have an in-line volume control which is a very necessary tool for gamers. Though the overall microphone quality of Hyperx Cloud earbuds are not that bad compared with other gaming earbuds under Rs 5000.

Build Quality & Design

The Smartphone Crunch Hyperx Cloud earbuds review gives it a thumbs up with its matte rubber finish exterior. These best gaming earbuds have a luxurious looking design which does not get dented or scratched easily. Although the material used (plastic) for the earbuds is relatively cheap compared with other earbuds at the same price range. 

Additionally, the earbuds also seem to be made of the same material as the cable, albeit a little more rigid.

Wearability and Comfort-level

The Hyperx Cloud earbuds supposedly feature an in-ear design however they don’t actually go inside the ear but rather sit on the ear cavity. The silicone tips are comfortable to wear that feels loose but not like it would fall. It’s unique shape makes it easy to fit and remove. The Hyperx Cloud earbuds review thus passes in its comfortability.

What’s inside the box!

  • HyperX IEMs x1
  • Extra pairs of ear tips x2
  • Travel pouch
  • Sticker


  • Clear sound quality
  • Compatible with most gaming platforms
  • Cable doesn’t tangle
  • Comfortable & customizable
  • Great portability


  • – Plastic Material
  • Mic is too sensitive
  • Sound leakage and lacks bass
  • Insufficient sound cancellation


The Hyperx Cloud earbuds review has to say that it has a good design which is comfortable to wear and has an impressive sound quality. Also, these earbuds are suitable for almost all the gaming platforms however they might hinder your gaming sessions due to its missing in-line volume controls.

Now you tell, is it the best gaming earbuds? Yah or Nah! Comment below!


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