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How To Turn Off Headphone Safety Feature On Your iPhone

iPhone comes with several high-end features, and headphone safety is one among them. It notifies you whenever your audio goes above safe decibels. If it annoys you, here is how to turn off headphone safety.  

Not only iPhone but most smartphones are also loaded with Headphone Security feature. High volume and a prolonged period of time are unsafe for ears. Regular involvement in such activities can pose a serious threat of irreversible hearing loss. According to the WHO, billion young people worldwide put their ears at risk of hearing loss due to unsafe hearing practices.

Headphone Security feature is intended to prevent prolonged exposure to loud sounds from damaging your ears. But yes, it sometimes irritates and provides inconvenience to the users, especially when listening to music. It automatically lowers the sound level when it goes higher than the safe volume level. However, we do not recommend disabling it if you listen to music frequently on headphones. This post on how to turn off headphone safety is for emergency or education purposes only. 

Steps To Turn Off Headphone Safety On iPhone

If you love listening to music at a high volume, we have two alternative options. Instead of turning off headphone security on your iPhone, we recommend increasing the Reduced Level Sounds feature. It will allow users to use a decibel level for their headphones, set to 85 decibels by default. 

If you use external Bluetooth speakers, alternatively, you can choose to change your device type to “Speaker”. Both options will allow you to listen to music at higher audio levels without turning off the Headphone Safety option. We will discuss instructions for both later in this post, so keep reading. 

If you still prefer to turn off the Headphone Safety and want to learn how to turn off headphone safety, here are the steps. But do it at your own risk because listening to music at a high volume can damage your hearing. 

  • Go to the Settings,
  • Choose Sounds and Haptics,
  • Click Headphone Safety,
  • Turn Headphone Notifications Off. 


  • Navigate Settings,
  • Click Accessibility,
  • Go to the Hearing section and tap to the Audio/Visual,
  • Turn off Headphone Safety.

Turning off the headphone safety is easy. Hopefully, with these steps on how to turn off headphone safety, you would be able to turn off the feature. 

If you can’t turn off headphone safety iPhone, there is a workaround. You can either change the Bluetooth device. Changing the headphone settings to others will stop headphone notifications from displaying on the settings or your volume is automatically lowered. 

Now the thing is how to change the Bluetooth device type and enable Reduce Loud Sounds. We will also share instructions for these also. 

How To Change Bluetooth Device Type?

If you have learned how to turn off headphone safety, that’s good. But we still recommend you to use it as minimum as possible. Instead of this, changing the Bluetooth Device type is the best idea. Here are instructions to follow. 

  • Go to Settings, 
  • Search Bluetooth and tap on it, 
  • Click ‘I’ Information button by the device you want to change,
  • Hit Device Type,
  • Now select the device from the given menu:
    • Car
    • Headphone
    • Hearing Aid
    • Speaker
    • Other

This is how you can change Bluetooth device type. Now, do you want to learn how to enable Reduce Loud Sounds on iPhone? Great! Keep ‘how to turn off headphone safety’ features for emergency only. 

How To Enable Reduce Loud Sound Feature?

Enabling Reduce Loud Sound is a good choice than turning off Headphone safety. This feature allows you to set the volume at a maximum level of decibels (DB). Enabling this feature will reduce the number of Headphone Safety notifications. 

  • Open the Settings
  • Click on Sounds and Haptics,
  • Tap on Headphone Safety, 
  • Swipe Reduce Loud Sound button to enable the feature. 

This is all. We are sure these steps will help you turn off the option on almost all iPhone series. So if you’re wondering how to turn off headphone safety iPhone 13, follow these instructions carefully. Now it is to see whether it would assist iPhone 14 or not!

Listening to music on high-level volume with headphones can damage your ears permanently. Most smartphones come with Headphone Safety features to prevent damage to the ear. If you still can’t turn off headphones safety iPhone, the most obvious thing to do is check “Do Not Disturb”. It is also worth doing if you do not want to get disturbed by notifications every time. Else drop your queries in the comment section, we will answer ASAP. 

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