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How To Send A Gift Message On Instagram In Simple Steps

Did you recently get a gift message on Instagram? Wondering how to send it? Read this post to learn how to send a gift message on Instagram

Instagram is fun to use; it is interesting, exciting and surprising because of its adaption of the latest technology and features with changing in time. One of the most popular social media platforms, Instagram regularly updates its features to improve users’ experience. The latest added feature of Instagram is “Gift Messages”. 

Before learning how to send a gift message on Instagram, first know what this feature is about actually. 

What are gift messages on Instagram?

Social media platforms need to update to survive on the internet. With old versions and outdated features, no social media platform can exist for long. Instagram has understood this strategy and did an excellent job in this segment. 

The gift message option, as the name suggests, is a chat gift update. Its new plugin includes a ‘Send gift’ option that allows its users to send a gift to their friends. These gifts are not natural but a box that contains your text message. 

In fact, these gifts are a way to make your friend feel special. You can send gifts to them on any special occasion such as Birthdays, Festivals, Anniversaries, Promotions, etc. These gifts can be sent directly in the personal chat, and once received, they will appear on the full screen. The gift will be your text message wrapped in a gift box. Isn’t it fantastic? 

It is the right time to learn how to send a gift message on Instagram. 

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Follow the Step-by-step guide to send a gift message on Instagram

Sending gifts on Instagram is pleasing. Many users face issues regarding how to send a gift message on Instagram. The procedure is completely simple. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to send a gift message on Instagram-  

  • Go to your Instagram Account and open the chat feature
  • Go to the name of the friend to whom you want to send a gift message
  • Type a message that you want to pack in a gift box
  • Now tap on the search icon on the left side of the text box
  • Select the gifting option from the top. 
  • After clicking on the option, your message will automatically be wrapped and sent. 
  • You can also review the message that you have just sent
  • The message will be displayed on the receiver’s screen after tapping on the gift option. 

Besides this, the update has come up with various features. If you come out of the message box and again want to revise it, your gift box will still be wrapped in a box and reopen it with one tap. 

Hopefully, it is clear now how to send a gift message on Instagram. There might be a case when you are unable to send a gift message. If you can’t find a gift option on Instagram, read below to find out the way. 

Unable to find gift message on Instagram

The gift message option is recently introduced on Instagram. First, you need to update your app with the latest version. If you have not updated your account, the Gift message won’t work. Also, the option is available with business accounts. 

If you want to use the ‘Gift Message’ option, switch your business account to personal or update it to the latest version. 

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