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How Many Seasons of Attack on Titan Has Been Released?

Wondering how many seasons of Attack on Titan are there? This post will reveal everything about every season. Have patience and read the post!

‘Attack on Titan’ is a Japanese dark fantasy anime TV series. The show debuted in 2013 and gained immense love and became one of the most popular anime series of all time. The story of the series will lock the audience in their seats with wanting more. 

Over the years, Attack on Titan has become one of the biggest names in the manga industry. Despite airing its first season nearly eight years ago, the anime holds a significant place on the list of popular anime series of all time. 

The interesting fact about the show is it takes a significant break in its season. Maybe the makers want to create suspense or they work on making the show more interesting than the previous one. Whatever the reason is, the one question constantly hitting the audience’s mind is exactly how many more seasons of Attack of Titan are yet to come. 

This post will give you an idea about how many seasons of Attack on Titan have aired or yet to be released? 

If you’ve not watched a single season or episode of Attack on Titan, don’t feel bad. Here is the complete list of all seasons of Attack on Titan to get an idea about how many seasons are episodes out there of the most popular anime series. 

Seasons  Episodes First Episode Last Episode
1 25 April 7, 2013 September 29,2013
2 12 April 1, 2017 June 17, 2017
22 (22 and 10) July 23, 2018April 29, 2019 October 15,2018July 1, 2019
16  December 7, 2020 March 29, 2021

So this is the complete list of season and episodes of Attack on Titan that has been released yet. This list confirms that currently 4 seasons and 75 episodes have been released and the leaks suggest that the battle is not yet over and the final season is more to come. 

How Many Seasons of Attack on Titan is Yet to Come?

Undoubtedly, Attack on Titan is an interesting anime series and audiences desperately wait for its new season. In 2021, fans were treated with the few episodes of season 4, which was a super-duper hit and had been called the final season. But, as always, a twist with a bundle of excitement came when there was an announcement made on next season. 

Recently, Funimation officially announced that the final season of Attack on Titan is under production and is expected to arrive soon. So, if you wonder how many seasons of Attack on Titan are yet to come, then you will probably get the answer at the end of this or in the coming year. 

Well, it is yet unclear that the next part of the Attack on Titan will be treated as an additional episode or named as ‘Season 5’.

For those, who are yet to watch the show and looking for exactly how many seasons of Attack on Titan are there to experience big adventure, 75 episodes of 4 seasons have been aired and yet to come more with the next year, which means 2022. 

Where to Stream All Seasons of Attack on Titan?

Being Japanese content, you cannot find it all where. Attack on Titan is available on Netflix, but is also hidden there; you cannot find it so easily. If you have a Netflix subscription, follow the below steps to watch the most popular anime series in any country. 

Surprisingly, Netflix allows its users to easily watch the series by using a high-quality VPN. A good VPN will help you by changing the actual location to another location in the world. Let’s see how to watch Attack on Titan on Netflix. 

  • At this moment, a few countries have access to Attack on Titan including Italy, Japan, and South Korea.
  • Download the VPN and connect to any of these countries locations, 
  • Now, open Netflix and search for Attack on Titan, 
  • You can easily find the title on the top, 
  • Play and enjoy the show. 

Note-  With this procedure, you can unlock more anime series. 

Final Words!

Attack on Titan is the best anime series of all time. If you’ve watched all the episodes, you must be waiting for the new season. While it hasn’t been confirmed how many more seasons will be released, it is difficult to say how many seasons of Attack on Titan will be wrapped up. How many seasons there will be, it will always be exciting and fun for the audience.

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