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The 8 Best Apps For Managing Social Media

Social media is one of the best things that has happened to digital marketers, brands and businesses because it allows them to access and build an online community for their brand. While it is not an easy process to build an interactive and engaging audience that will help in growing your social media presence for your company as a more productive and efficient use of your time.

In order to make sure that you are reaching hundreds of social media accounts, you have to ensure that you do not slack when it comes to posting reporting and even scheduling your posts and content beforehand. Digital media marketers need to always stay on top of the upcoming marketing trends, promoting content, creating and curating content, growing brands and collaborating with other teams.

Digital marketers have to make sure that they create marketing campaigns that will help in improving their social media analytics and the overall engagement rate of their content.

So, which are the 8 apps for managing social media?

1. Starting with Eclincher

Now Eclincher is compatible with almost every social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok and so on. The Eclincher team is extremely responsive and is popular for their customer support. This growth management tool helps digital marketers to not only save time using a single dashboard for multiple social media accounts but also has features like bulk scheduling content, publish and even responding to all social media interactions through one inbox. Furthermore, you will also have a visual calendar feature, analysis of your social media campaign, content schedule, competitor analysis and so many other features.

2. Sprout Social 

Being one of the largest and most analytic social media growth and management tools, their features include reporting and analytic management of their client’s social media activities, scheduling and publishing content, monitoring of the engagement rate and so on. These features together provide a detailed experience in managing your social media marketing strategy.

Social sprout offers three different price packages depending on the needs of their client. They make sure that these packages also include a free month of trial that will help the user in deciding which plan they would like to choose. 

Priced at $99 every month, per user, the standard price plan includes a social rate of engagement inbox, up to five different social media profiles you manage, content calendar and analysis of the social media campaigns. The professional package is priced at $149 for per user every month and this package includes all the features of the standard package as well as advanced analytics, optimal time features and much more. The advanced package includes everything in the professional package but it also gives you the access to chat bots, digital content libraries and many other features.

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This social media growth and management tool is integrated with several social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and many more. is a cloud based social media tool that provides and makes sure that the customer has the best experience when it comes to publishing content and analyzing customer data.

They have a number of popular features but the best known one is their social inbox feature that not only does social monitoring but also are able to serve brands of any size.

4. Hootsuite 

Hootsuite is an extremely popular social media management and growth tool that has a loyal audience base of more than 16 million active users that utilize their services with ease, especially when it comes to the management of content on a number of social media platforms and posting content on these platforms as well.

One of the best features about Hootsuite is that it not only can be integrated with the rapidly growing social media platforms like Instagram TikTok, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest but can also be used with a number of apps like Slack, Canva and Trello. Hootsuite even offers a free trial of most of its core features and has five main packages that are priced at the most affordable rates.

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5. Loomly 

Loomly is one social media tools that is focused on building a brand and helps your whole team not only be efficient but helps in growing your brand presence on several social media platforms. This social media growth and management app also helps you create content by making the relevant recommendations based on the upcoming trends and best media practices your brand can use.

Loomly can be used for Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and most of the popular social media platforms as well as platforms such as Slack and Google my business.

6. Hubspot

Hubspot is extremely popular among large brands and businesses for its features as its known for its monitoring, analytics, team management and so much more. This app has a simple interface that is easily navigate able and offers the best features you would expect from a growth and management tool, especially when you can customize the features according to your needs.

They also have an inbox tool that helps in communicating with audiences across several social media platforms as well.

7. Sendible 

Sendible is a social media growth tool that was at first built only for digital agencies but can be used for not only mapping out your entire social media campaigns, can manage several social media accounts, but also has a feature that recommends the best type of content that will work for your brand.

Sendible works with major social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and so on.

8. Agorapulse

This is one of the best apps that is used to manage social media platforms because of its features like visual calendar, the detailed analytics, content scheduling and even team collaboration. Priced at &79 to $399 every month, depending on the needs of your brand, this makes one of the best tools to invest in for its high quality features at affordable price ranges.


These were the 8 best apps for managing your social media accounts and will also help in making sure that your campaigns on these social media platforms are a success in order to grow your brand’s presence online.

Vishal Prajapati
Vishal Prajapati
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