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How To Reconnect Firestick Remote | Top Ways To Follow

how to reconnect firestick remote

If you’re reading this article that means you’re looking for top ways to reconnect your firestick remote to your device. Aren’t you? So, this article is a detailed guide on how to reconnect firestick remote to your device. No matter whether you’re currently using a firestick remote or not, this article is for everyone. Who knows you will start using this device in the future after reading this article. But those who’re already using this device and finding it difficult to reconnect it, this article is going to be worth reading. Here we’re going to highlight significant ways to help you reconnect firestick remote. 

Before we talk about the ways, let us give you a brief introduction on firestick remote to those who aren’t aware of it. Let’s start from scratch. 

What Is Firestick Remote?

In simple words, a firestick remote is a product of Amazon. It is a streaming video player device, which almost looks like a giant USB flash drive. This Amazon Fire TV Stick plays a great role by transforming a normal TV into a smart television. Yes, you read it right. With the help of this remote, you’re allowed to watch your favorite movies and shows from renowned series such as Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO Max, and many others. 

But sometimes this device stops working and when this happens it means no movies, shows, or anything you can watch on TV. Quite worrisome, isn’t it? Don’t worry, we got you a solution on how to reconnect firestick remote. Thankfully, there are plenty of effective ways available to fix or reconnect firestick remote. 

Follow The Given Top Ways To Reconnect Firestick Remote 

Undoubtedly, there are numerous ways that become hurdles and cause firestick remote to stop working. But fret not, below we’re going to highlight effective ways to reconnect Amazon firestick remote to keep your entertainment going on. 

1. Try To Change The Batteries 

One of the most common reasons causing the problem in your Amazon firestick is battery life. Every small to large device works through the battery, right. Low battery charge, improperly inserted batteries, use of expired batteries, and other similar issues can impose a halt on the firestick. This is the first solution to your query about how to reconnect firestick remote. So, make sure to change the battery if required. 

2. Unpair And Reconnect The Remote Again 

You can also think of unpairing the remote and reconnecting it again if the battery isn’t the issue. Unless and until your remote is properly connected with the TV, it won’t work at all. Therefore, if the Amazon firestick remote isn’t working, you might need to reconnect it so that it can start working again without causing any problem. 

3. Eradicate Obstructions 

Another important way how to reconnect firestick remote is to eradicate obstructions that are coming in between the Amazon firestick remote and TV. As you know that firestick remote is wireless, but it requires some space to connect with the TV properly. Therefore, you have to make sure that nothing is blocking the way between the firestick and the TV device. Keeping a fair line between the remote and firestick is always recommended. 

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4. Maintain The Distance 

Since firestick uses Bluetooth connectivity to connect with a remote or TV, there shouldn’t be much difference between these two devices, otherwise, both the devices will lose the connection. Ensure to make a theoretical range of about 30 feet however the actual range is less than this. 

5. Factory Reset Firestick  

If all the above-mentioned ways didn’t work out on how to reconnect firestick remote, a factory reset firestick is an option you must try. There is always a chance that your Amazon firestick is really the one that is causing the problem itself. That’s why factory resetting might help you fix the problem. 

Note: As you factory reset your firestick, you will lose all the data. It will again become a fresh device in the state you purchased it. It simply means you will have to redownload all the apps and log in to your account again. 

6. Contact Amazon Directly 

If none of the above methods worked out, you better ask for help from Amazon directly. Amazon will tell you exactly how to reconnect firestick remote without causing you any hassle. Sometimes, there are some problems that you aren’t aware of therefore, we recommend you to connect with the company itself and get a valuable solution in return. 

Key Takeaways 

TV is one of the oldest entertainment sources, right. Any obstacle occurring in your entertainment will be troublesome for you. Above we have listed top ways on how to reconnect firestick remote to your device. We believe you have read all the ways thoroughly. But never forget to connect with Amazon if nothing is working out. Amazon’s customer service representative will help you resolve the issues you’re facing in the Amazon firestick remote. 

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