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A Guide To Add Custom Netflix Profile Picture

Is a Netflix profile picture too boring? Want to customise it? Add an element of personalisation to your Netflix account? Here’s how to do it! 

Netflix: An American media company has taken the world by storm as it provides the best entertainment services to people across the globe. This online subscription-based media platform has been in the business since 2007. The platform provides a versatile list of the latest movies and web series and uncompromised entertainment to the people.

Five profiles can be logged into one Netflix account, each having a separate avatar. But what if you want a custom Netflix profile picture, maybe a beautiful selfie that you took last summer or a picture of your pet dog! Here’s how if you can change it! Read the article and learn the steps and tricks you can use to change your profile picture. 

Updating Your Profile Picture On Netflix 

The Netflix profile shows an avatar and gives you an option of changing the avatar from the inbuilt library that the service offers. You can change and update your Netflix avatar using the following steps: 

Open your Netflix account in the web browser.

Once you are signed in to your account, click on the Netflix icon in the top right corner. 

Click on the manage profile section and then click on the pen icon. This will guide you to the Edit Profile section from where you can change your Netflix profile picture. 

From a bunch of options available, you can select your favourite avatar.

But unfortunately, you will not find an option to change your custom Netflix profile picture. Don’t you worry! We have an option for you! You can have your Netflix profile picture customised. 

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How To Add Custom Netflix Profile Picture 

There are ways you can use it to upload a custom Netflix profile picture. Follow the steps to achieve the desired results. Now there are two ways to add a custom profile picture on Netflix. 

The first one is via Facebook. If you have your Netflix account linked with Facebook, then the process of changing the profile picture becomes simpler. The profile picture that you have set on your Netflix account will be displayed as your Netflix profile picture. 

Now if your account is not linked to Facebook, follow the given steps to add a custom Netflix profile picture. Firstly, you will need a desktop or a laptop with an active internet connection to start the process. You will need to add a Chrome extension to your browser. The extension that helps to change the profile picture is called “Custom Profile Picture For Netflix”. Here’s how you can add this extension to your browser: 

  • Open Google Chrome and search for “Custom Profile For Netflix” from the Chrome Web Store. 
  • Click on add to Chrome button, and once a pop-up appears, click on ‘add extension’. This will initiate the installation process for the Chrome extension. 

Once you download the extension, follow the steps to complete the process to change the custom Netflix profile picture. 

Open Netflix in the browser and log into your account. 

Click on the icon of the extension on the browser and select “Custom Profile For Netflix.”

As the next step, select the Upload Custom Profile Picture box. From the dropdown, select the profile that you want to change. 

Click on Select Image, and then you will be directed to the device’s storage. Choose the picture you want to use and click on Open. 

Once the picture is uploaded, you can change the positioning of the image accordingly. You can use the Alignment option to crop the picture. 

After this, click away from the extension and close the tab. Then reopen Netflix, and voila! Here’s your new Custom Netflix profile picture. 

Note: This method will locally change your custom Netflix profile picture. So this changed profile picture will only be visible on the device using which it is changed. 

Adding An Element Of Customisation To Your Netflix Profile 

Using the steps mentioned above, you can make your Netflix profile customised. Even though these tricks are not a perfect and permanent solution to changing a custom Netflix profile picture, you can still add a personal touch on one of the devices. 

Providing the users with the best entertainment services and a good user interface, should this option of customisability not have been added to the application? Let us know your views about this in the comments!

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