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Step By Step Guide To Use & Apply PS5 Themes

Sony Interactive Entertainment has added another gem to its legacy of video games by launching PS5, an improved version of PS4 that is being enjoyed by game freaks worldwide. The company has outperformed itself and made several advancements and additions to this new version compared to PS4. But still, scepticism revolves around some of the features, one of the most talked about being PS5 themes. 

Themes are good customising elements that enhance the game’s immersive experience and provide a personal touch to the gaming. You can either download, purchase, or earn such themes for the game. The element of PS5 themes will be talked about in the article so that you can get the best PS5 themes for the game. 

Recent Upgrades In Play Station 5

Before learning about the PS5 themes and dynamic screens, let’s look at some of the updates that this version of the gaming console has brought to enhance the experience of the gaming freaks. 

Better VRR (Variable Refresh Rate)

This upgraded version of the Play Station is characterised by a good variable refresh rate, providing a seamless overall experience to the players. A good VVR means that more pictures will be displayed on one frame, so there are fewer chances of delays. 

1440p and HDR

This version of the PlayStation has promising visuals and better quality graphics, meaning a better and more immersive experience.

Dynamic Screen and PS5 Themes 

The PS5 has an additional feature of dynamic images and themes. So with each game, the theme and background will change accordingly. 

Out of these updates, the most talked about are the Dynamic screen and PS5 Themes. Continue reading the article to know more about it! 

Are There Actually Any Themes Available On PS5?

This new version of the gaming console comes with a dynamic screen. This dynamic screen changes the background automatically when the game changes. Unlike the previous versions, in this version of the gaming console, Sony Interactive Entertainment has not allowed users to customise their PS5 themes. The background automatically changes according to the different games that the console has. So, unfortunately, as far as the question about the 

availability of PS5 themes is concerned, there is no option in the console to customise them. 

This feature of the dynamic screen is not a total flop show, though! You can show off your games by displaying the relevant background with these dynamic screens. In some instances, the background music also changes to different music for each game, as opposed to the default PS5 music. 

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Is There A Way To Download PS5 Themes? 

Now that you know there is no scope for customising PS5 themes provided in the console, this doesn’t mean you can not download or change the themes and background. 

There are tricks to changing the PS5 themes without the use of any third-party apps. Read the section to know the steps. 

Steps To Download PS5 Themes

Use the controller and press the PlayStation button. Go to Game Bar and select the “Friends” menu. Then select the message option, open the chat, click on “search browser”, and then type Bing or Google and press R2 to send the message. 

Select the message and open the browser (the one inbuilt in PS5). Move to images and search for wallpapers. Choose the one that you want your PS5 themes to be. 

Press and hold the create/share button to take a screenshot. A symbol will appear on the top of the screen, ensuring that the screenshot is captured. Then open the screenshot menu (hold the create button) and select the screenshot. 

Click on the “Edit” button to edit the screenshot so that it fits the cover, and crop, zoom, or fit the image accordingly. 

Next, tap on the move button to align the wallpaper correctly. You can also use the joystick’s help to position the box accurately. Once satisfied, click on “Done”. Once finalised, save the changes. 

Click on Replace Original to save the image so that it can be used as wallpaper, then use the PlayStation button on the controller and open the profile menu. 

Once you open your profile, click on Edit Profile and select the Cover Image option. Then tap on Change Image and select the image you want to set as the wallpaper or save as one of the PS5 themes.

After you choose the desired image, click on Save. Now move back to the profile, and voila! You will get the desired wallpaper. 

Even though there are no updates in the software, you can download and change PS 5 themes using these steps according to your needs. 

Final Words

Now that you know all about PS5 themes, you can customise your wallpapers and backgrounds for a better experience. Use this article as a guide to making changes in the themes in your Play Station 5.

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