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Step-by-step Guide to Clubhouse: How to Use and How it Works

Clubhouse App

You might have heard or seen the word ‘Clubhouse’ floating around the social media platforms. If you wonder what the clubhouse is, what are its uses, and how does it work, here is the complete guide to Clubhouse   

In a fast-paced field like entrepreneurship, it can be challenging to identify what the next big trend is going to be. When other technologies or trends take time to mark their presence in the market, Clubhouse is quickly becoming a more emerging platform as it is proving itself a key to savvy businesses owners and entrepreneurs. 

It has been a year since Clubhouse launched, so we thought of curating a complete Clubhouse app guide for the users who wish to dive into the app. Have a look at the step-to-step guide to Clubhouse and check whether or not it is helpful for your business. 

Let’s start the Clubhouse Guide with its meaning. 

What is a Clubhouse App?

The clubhouse app is the audio-only social networking app that allows users to host or join audio chat rooms to discuss topics varying from politics, stock market, economics, dating, and many more. 

The app was launched by Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth in 2020. In May 2020, just one month after the launch, in a very short period of its launching, the app had gone from 750 daily users to 600,000 and today the app has 10 million active users.  

By January 2021, the app reached a whopping $1 billion valuation, which is really remarkable. According to Clubhouse’s blog, the app currently has more than 180 investors and is growing continuously. The report shows that the app doesn’t have not six million active daily users, but has over ten million downloads globally. 

A few renowned names are common on the site such as Oprah, Drake, Kevin Hart, and Jared Leto jumping in and out of the rooms and hosting clubs. The app got more popular when in January 2021, Elon Musk made his Clubhouse debut for an interview in the GOOD Time club. The club had to close soon when the app reached its maximum capacity of 5,000 users. 

After that clubhouse discussion, Elon Musk tweeted in February that he is going to host another session soon with Kanye West and also mentioned the Russian President in the Tweet asking for a conversation. 

This guide to Clubhouse is about what Clubhouse is and its prominence. Let’s know more about this new emerging app. 

How Does Clubhouse App Work?

Well, the Clubhouse app is the iOS exclusive and the company is working on the Android version. The app can be used when you have been invited to join the room by other users. Each user can invite three people to join the room. 

As the app is audio-only, it allows users to hold conversations and discussions in virtual rooms. Look at the complete Clubhouse user guide to make it easier for you to understand.

When you enter the room, you can either moderate, listener, or speaker. What you can do while playing these roles;

  • Moderators- Moderate is the one who starts the room. This means you have the power to speak and abilities like add or remove or mute other speakers as per your choice. You have full power to control the conversation, curate a group of speakers, and cater to the audience by allowing questions.  
  • Listeners- When you join the existing room, you enter as a listener only being muted. If you want to join the conversation or share your views, you need to “raise your hand” letting the moderator know you have something in mind to say. 
  • Speakers- These are the people in a room who are invited on the stage to speak and share their thoughts. 

The app works similarly to podcasts. As the Clubhouse app tutorial suggests, the users can come and go from the discussion and the app will be running in the background. The listeners can be in the discussion while they work, exercise, or perform other chores.  

Why is it Beneficial for Entrepreneurs?

Some entrepreneurs feel that they can’t stay up-to-date with the latest trend, but Clubhouse makes it easier for them and brings much more valuable experience than other platforms in the market. In the guide to Clubhouse, we’ll be elaborating on why it is important for entrepreneurs. 

Imagine you have a chance to jump in the group conversation of more than fifty people and throw your new thoughts into the market while being at home in your shorts. Yes, you can do it all with Clubhouse. Clubhouse app gives the best opportunities to business owners to listen to thousands of successful entrepreneurs, let you pitch in the market, and be ready to give feedback while you sit at your home. 

With this Clubhouse app guide, what we come to know is it gives you some golden opportunities that other platforms are not capable of offering. Whether new or old, the business will have direct contact with influential industry leaders. Through a virtual panel, businesses get a chance to join different panel discussions, meet-and-greets, and put their brand in front of the investors. 

Hopefully, this guide to Clubhouse makes it clear why it is beneficial for Entrepreneurs. 

How to Start a Clubhouse?

That’s very simple! To start Clubhouse, you need to connect it with Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Keep an eye on your social media channels, discussion boards or you can ask your co-workers, friends, or family who might have the invitation. 

If you’re struggling to join a conversation, don’t worry, you can sign up your clubhouse and start a room anytime by creating your username. Your contact who is on Clubhouse will get the notification and they will wave you to join the room and add to the list. 

How to Start Your Own Conversation in a Clubhouse?

Again it is the simplest process on this guide to Clubhouse. You need to follow the steps carefully and can start your own Clubhouse room. 

  • Start with pressing the big green button saying “Start a Room”.
  • It will give you the options- Open, Social, and Closed that mean as follows:

Open- Start a room that is available to everyone

Social- Start a room with your followers only

Closed- Start a private room with selected people

Once you start a room, you can ask people to choose the topic that should be under 60 characters. Also, the topic should be relevant to the conversation you want to have. 

Do you want to know more benefits of Clubhouse? Continue reading guide to the Clubhouse. 

How to Grow Your Business or Brand on Clubhouse?

As Clubhouse is an ultimate way to interact with thousands of business owners and successful entrepreneurs, raising your hand to jump on the stage is exciting. But if you want to get heard and be recognized among the right circle, you need to start with the small groups. 

Small groups are more powerful to promote your brand or business compared to a group of thousands of members. To grow your business and make your brand popular, you can consider the below tips.

Become an Active Community Member

Being active means being interested in the conversation. But to be an active person you don’t need to be an industry leader. Instead, you only need to be someone who is focused, contributing to the conversation, encouraging others to share their thoughts, and also start & managing your own clubs. A good way to be noticeable is to join the groups that have fewer members. 

Opportunities to Connect with Investors and VCs

The app has already proven to provide a number of opportunities to connect with proven entrepreneurs. In January 2021, entrepreneur Kimi Weintraub made a great deal after she was given a chance to pitch her brand on Clubhouse. 

However, Clubhouse helps businesses in various other ways such as networking, socializing, and learning from others. 

Future of the Clubhouse

In the typical tech era, the Clubhouse is completely a new app and evolving at such a fast pace. The success of the app doesn’t depend on whether the app is able to scale properly and compete with other big social media platforms today. 

Final Worlds

With the Clubhouse rules and regulations, the only aim of the Clubhouse app is to listen to others and share your thoughts. If you want to be recognized and contribute to the conversation, joining small groups, starting or managing your own groups is the best way. It will increase the chance of being invited on the stage and contributing to the conversation.

The more actively contributing to the conversation in a valuable way, the more you and your brand will be recognized. If people like you, they will follow you and jump in on your conversation next time. 

For now, Clubhouse is a safe space, free from abuse and irrelevant language and topics. It all depends on the way you behave and interact with the audience. That’s all we could cover in the guide to Clubhouse. We’ll back soon with other interesting topics. 

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