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Performance Test With The Classic Headset Teslaa

Bluetooth earphones are fun until they do not lose battery, but what if we tell you that there is a neckband in the market that claims to sustain for 20 hours? Yes, the classic headset by Teslaa Industries is turning heads with its claims to last the whole day and still leave you with considerable battery. Let’s check it out!

Battery & Design Of The Classic Headset Teslaa

Talking about the strongest feature of the Classic Headset Teslaa, its battery. We speculated its claims to run for the whole day and took matters into our hands, but guess what, it has not disappointed us. We used it the whole day, music and movies on full sound and it did not fail on its promises. So, if you want to grab a long-running neckband, the Classic Headset Teslaa will be your best choice.

The design, Classic Headset Teslaa has an average neckband design which can be comfortably worn for the whole day. One thing we missed in the packaging though was the buds. The Classic Neckband Teslaa comes with only one pair of buds, which can be problematic for people with smaller ears. However, we tried the wearability and comfort of these neckband buds on different members and they all found it convenient. So, if you are an average person, you will not have to deal with ear pain after using this Classic Headset by Teslaa Industries.

Name of commodity Classic Headset
Manufactured By Teslaa Industries
Model number  TS-BT-335
Wireless version  Yes
In Built Mic Yes
Transmission distance  20 m
Sustainable time 20 hours 
Charging type Type-C

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Overall Performance Of Classic Headset Teslaa

In the overall performance, we will rate from packaging & design to price & performance of the Classic Headset Teslaa. 

When it comes to packaging, the neckband came with a secure casing and hard paper boxing which looked of premium quality. The neckband comes with a sea-greenish colour which adds a pop of colour to your appearance. Moving further, the Classic Headset Teslaa comes at a price of Rs 15,999 and with the environment noise cancellation feature and super bass, the price feels worth paying for.

As a verdict, we will rate the Classic Headset Teslaa with a score of 8.5 out of 10. It has a beautiful colour, super long sustainability and comfort. So what else do you want in your neckband? Go check it out now!


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