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Should You Use A 4Anime Website To Watch Online Movies?

Among several movie genres, anime has become immensely popular. Though it has been around in the industry for decades, titles like ‘Pokemon’, ‘Naruto’ and ‘Demon Slayer’ have gained enormous fame. If you are also a die-hard fan of anime movies, you must know about 4anime- a free streaming platform to watch online movies. Read this blog to dive into all the information about this popular website.¬†

Introduction To 4anime

4anime is a media-streaming platform that offers anime shows and movies. The website is too simple to understand; its spectacular interface makes it easy to find the desired movie or show from a vast content library. All types of animation content are available on the website, including subbed and dubbed. 

Per the viewer’s reviews, this is the best website to enjoy your favourite anime movie as it features a range of unique attributes. HD quality, attractive UI & UX, and fast loading speed are a few to name. With HD quality, your anime world becomes more real and impressive. 

No matter what you wish to stream, 4anime has everything. The website offers thousands of titles to keep you engaged for limitless hours. But do you wonder why 4anime offers free access to thousands of movies? It is apparently a million-dollar question. Want to know the answer? Keep reading!

Why Is 4anime Free?

4anime does not create its own content to publish on the website. Then, from where it gets the content to distribute to its audience? Actually, 4anime is a pirated website that stole anime movies and TV shows from legal websites, so the website does not need to pay anything to buy the content. Moreover, it earns money from the advertisements it runs in the middle of the streaming. This is why, it offers services for free. 

Is It Good To Use 4anime For Streaming Anime Movies/TV Shows?

4anime is one of the top streaming websites with abundant functionalities that are typically unavailable on several other services. It has a vast material catalogue, HD video quality and exceptional streaming capabilities to improve users viewing experience. Moreover, there is no limit on the usage. It allows you to watch movies anytime from anywhere. With all these attributes, it seems good to use the website if you are looking for a free anime website dubbed.  

As far as safety is concerned, it wholly depends on the region. 4anime is a pirated website, and such websites are considered illegal in most countries, including India, Slovakia, Romania and Iran; therefore, they are banned from publishing the content. And if you are caught downloading and sharing pirated content, you might be subjected to criminal or civil charges. Therefore, using 4anime to watch and download anime content is unsafe and illegal.

Note: You can turn on VPN to stay anonymous if you prefer using 4anime

Is There Any Other Way To Watch Anime Movies?

If you love to watch anime, you must know the best websites, like 4anime for uninterrupted entertainment. While 4anime is able to deliver you so much, it does not mean you need to limit your streaming if it does not work. There are several online platforms offering valuable services to meet users’ emerging entertainment demands. A few of them are listed below.¬†


Myanienlist is considered a 4anime alternative providing the best anime content. With the vast collections of movies, it also notifies the audience about upcoming releases. Some of the best features of this service are- 

  • Impressive quality
  • Huge library of content
  • Send notifications for upcoming movies


On the list of 4anime alternatives, AnimeLab is another website offering you a great collection of anime movies and TV shows. This is a relatively new website, but it offers all high-end features. Some of the best features of this service are-

  • Good quality
  • Great UI & UX
  • Offers the latest launch and updated content


This is one of the oldest anime websites among all 4anime alternatives. The website has a good collection of anime titles; some are available in English dubbing. So English-preferred audiences won’t have any problem watching anime. Some of the best features of this service are-

  • Clean & clear interface
  • Supports VPN
  • Fast downloading speed 
  • Amazing quality 
  • Latest updates 

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9anime is another alternative to 4anime because of similar traits and qualities. The website has a bundle of features that makes users’ experience unmatched. If you visit the website, you can actually have a good experience. Some of the best features of this service are-

  • Appealing look
  • Simple design
  • Huge collection of movies. 


Kissanime is compatible with mobile, tablet and desktops; therefore, it is considered one of the best 4anime alternatives. The website has all the content, including old and latest, so you can have extreme fun. Some of the best features of this service are-

  • Responsive designs
  • Great video quality 
  • Enormous library

Here is everything about 4anime and its alternatives, do not worry when 4anime does not work; you can still watch anime movies for free. From the latest movies to classic TV shows, everything is available on these websites in high quality. Moreover, the user interface is friendly, which makes them easy to use. However, we suggest you choose legal platforms for watching movies online. 

Disclaimer: Team Smartphone Crunch is highly against piracy. With this write-up, we only intend to educate our readers about such websites and request them to use only legal websites for online streaming.

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