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Why Is My iPhone 12 So Slow: A Guide To Settle Glitches Instantly  

It is highly unlikely that you have never heard about multinational company Apple and their iPhones until you are living under a rock. Reviews and questions like ‘why is my iPhone 12 so slow’ and ‘why is internet server not working properly,’ have divided the users into two parts. Some believe that the operating system is as good as its market’s value. While others believe that the iPhone 12 is not a successful launch by apple. 

Apple is known to launch the most desirable and highly integrated smartphones with an iOS. While iPhone 12 is still new to the market and people are updating their smartphones to the latest versions. iPhone 12 users are continuously sharing feedback like, why is iPhone 12 so slow? Other problems faced by iPhone users are random reboots, screen freezes, problems in UI tags etc. 

If you are also wondering, why my iPhone 12 is so slow, and want to fix the lags efficiently. There are some tips you can follow to settle all the glitches and lags from your iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

Solutions To Restore The Glitches In iPhone 12 

1. Try To Restart The Phone 

Sometimes simple solutions at your home can fix some technical glitches that you are facing in your smartphones. Lagging issues and problems like, ‘why is my iPhone 12 so slow’, try these easy steps for fast processing and to restore the efficiency of the phone.  

If your iPhone 12 series supports iOS 14 or iOS 15, the best way to settle your lagging problems is to restart the phone. Switch off the phone and leave it for 20 to 30 seconds and let it rest. After that switch it on again and your problem would be solved easily once you start using it again. 

In this condition, if you are still facing the problem of why is my iPhone 12 is so slow try other tips as well. They might be handier.

2. Reset Settings Of Your iPhone 12 

Looking for solutions to figure out, why is my iPhone 12 so slow? Don’t worry if your phone is not working well even after a restart. Check the settings of your iPhone with iOS 14 and reset it, here are the steps to reset the phone – 

  • Open settings in the phone 
  • Select ‘General’ 
  • You will see the option of reset in it. 
  • Click on ‘Reset’
  • Select ‘reset all settings’ 

This will restore all the settings and would result in every setting as default. After resetting your smartphone you have to enter all the passwords again, like Wi-Fi, App passwords etc. After this, your phone is good to go.  

3. Regularly Update Your Phone 

Apple regularly release updates for the iOS operating systems. Updates in the iOS 14 or iOS 15 for the Apple iPhone 12 series are released throughout the year. And if you do not want to complain about why my iPhone 12 is so slow and there are some bugs in the system. 

Always update your phone on time!

Every new update in the iOS operating system is released when there are any bugs or the system wants to launch some other features. If your phone is updated on time you will experience a good performance of your software. You can add different accessories to upgrade the working of your iPhone 12 series. 

4. Keep The Applications Up To Date 

It doesn’t matter what application you are using in your iPhone 12, it is important to keep all the apps updated if you do not want to face problems like, why is my iPhone 12 so slow. If the applications on your phone are not up to date you could face lags and freeze screens while using the phone. 

New updates in apps are more supportive to new updates in the iOS system and when the updates are completed,  the system can work properly without affecting your work. 

5. Regularly Clean Your Phone’s Storage

It is difficult for your processor to work efficiently if your phone is filled with a lot of stuff. And this could be the main reason behind the complaints like, why is my iPhone 12 so slow. If your phone is filled with useless apps and internal storage there can be speed problems while working on your phone. 

In such a case you need to uninstall the unwanted apps, unnecessary photos and videos that are just there to take some storage of your phone. You can manually clean up your storage or just try to do this from the setting of your device. Follow these steps to clean your phone’s storage – 

  • Select ‘Setting’ in your phone 
  • Tap ‘General’ 
  • Click on ‘Storage’ 
  • Further, move to ‘iCloud usage’ 
  • Tap on ‘Manage Storage’ 

In this way, your phone will check the data and recommend what data needs to be cleared out. This way you can easily get rid of the problem of why is my iPhone 12 so slow. 

If you are wondering ‘why is my iPhone 12 so slow’ try these solutions to easily resolve your phone’s problem at the home itself. Once you have tried these methods and solutions, there is a great chance that your phone will work well. But if you are still facing lagging problems and bugs while using the phone try to contact, apple customer care and take their advice to settle the glitches in your iPhone 12 series. 

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