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Roblox Unblocked: Tricks To Access This Gaming Platform

If you cannot access any particular game, that simply means its access is restricted. Roblox is one of the addictive gaming platforms blocked by schools or colleges to keep students productive. But if you have spare time and want to play it, you must get Roblox unblocked.

One of the best ways to access blocked Roblox is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that changes your location. As soon as you connect your server to VPN, you will be able to access Roblox. Apart from this, many other ways to get Roblox Unblocked exist. Check out alternative methods to play games on Roblox. 

1. How To Unblock Roblox With VPN?

VPN is the easiest way to access Roblox and other geo-restricted content on the computer where it is restricted. It changes the location and diverts your network to the place where it is accessible; plus, it also hides your identity. Downloading and using VPN is easy with the following steps!

  • Go to PC Settings 
  • Click the Network & Internet
  • Select VPN, represented as a ‘Lock’ image
  • Click Add VPN, located at the top of the page, alongside connections 
  • Choose your VPN provider and enter your server provider and name
  • Select your type of sign-in and enter the information
  • Click ‘Connect’

Your VPN should be connected, and you can access Roblox on your computer. If you need help choosing the best VPN, here are some recommendations. 

NordVPN – To get Roblox unblocked, NordVPN is the best VPN available. It is super secure and robust in privacy.  

ExpressVPN – The next best VPN is ExpressVPN which is popularly known for gaming, streaming, and video conferencing on school computers.  

SurfShark – It is the most reliable VPN that provides unlimited connections. You will be able to share it with friends and family, and most importantly, it provides super fast WireGuard Protocol to play Roblox. 

CyberGhost – This is a versatile VPN for beginners for making video calls, streaming torrent websites, and playing games. So getting Roblox unblocked is easier and more effective with it. 

IPVanish – The fastest and most secure VPN in the house is IPVanish. It allows its user’s unlimited connections and works with all devices, such as Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. 

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2. Unblocking Roblox Using Smart DNS Services

Looking for effective ways to get Roblox unblocked? Smart DNS is another method to access restricted Roblox. Similar to VPN, DNS also hides your location, so Roblox would have no idea from where you are accessing it. Besides this, it also hides your data. Plus, the Smart DNS has no privacy concerns since it does not change your IP and encrypt your traffic. No encryption means it won’t take a toll on your connection speed. Therefore you want to get Roblox unblocked, using Smart DNS is an ideal choice. 

3. Access Roblox With The Help Of Proxy Servers

Proxy servers hide your online identity with other identifying data, such as location. The proxy server routes the traffic to, just like you are, using the remote computer from different backgrounds to download the files, send emails, etc. Several proxy services are available online, which are overcrowded, and Windows has its in-built proxy server that can hide your IP. However, if you try to use a free proxy server, you may experience slow speed. In this case, better switch to the paid version of the proxy server or use VPN to get Roblox unblocked. 

These three are the most effective ways to ease restrictions imposed on Roblox. With these methods, you can easily access the Roblox platform in schools, colleges, and from where you are experiencing slow speed. Let’s know why most organisations block Roblox on their network. The next section will resolve this concern. Read on!

Why Do Most Organisations Restrict Using Roblox?

Well, there is no severe or complex reason behind restricting the use of Roblox in schools. Roblox is the most popular game, and people easily get addicted to it. In order to keep them focused on their career, such organisations block access. Not only Roblox but several other apps or games are inaccessible if you try to access from school or college Wi-Fi. 

Another reason to try these methods is the speed. Gaming platforms like Roblox are the busiest ones that slow down the game’s speed and impact the game streaming experience. Using other locations can divert the traffic and provide the best gaming experience.

Sum up

If you need to get Roblox unblocked, there are several ways, but VPN is the most reliable one. Make sure you do not get addicted to the game in school, and play it in your free time as a piece of entertainment only. Roblox is an excellent game to play to release stress and aid your boredom. 

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