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Mp4Movies Review: What Does It Offer, Is It Safe To Use?

Don’t you love watching your favourite movies and TV shows? How do you like it when you watch it at your home in utmost comfort? Today, we are here to tell you that you can do all this, and you don’t even have to pay. Too good to be true? Actually, it is true. Stay with us till the end of this blog to fully understand what Mp4Movies has to offer to its users and whether it is safe to use. 

What Is Mp4Movies?

Mp4movies is a movie and web series streaming website that provides content for free. It is a one-stop destination for movies and web series enthusiasts. It provides free content in various languages and across different genres. The things that set it apart from other similar websites are the size of its library and just how easy it is to stream movies and web series on this website. You don’t have to register or log in to watch your favourite content; just visit the website and watch your favourite movies and TV shows. 

Outstanding Features Of Mp4Movies

Although there are many websites like Mp4Movies, there are some facets where Mp4Movies outshines its competitors. In this section, we will list all the things that make Mp4movies the best among its alternatives. s. 

More and Better Content

Mp4Movies has some of the biggest content libraries on the internet. As we mentioned above, it has movies from a plethora of genres and languages. Whether it be movies or web series, Mp4movies has it all. Moreover, it allows you to stream content in full HD resolution and also lets you download the very content in several resolutions from 360P to up to 1080p. 

Latest releases

Now, this might very well be the strongest suit of Mp4Movies. The site offers some of the latest content for free. There are many movies and series that are released on the same day of their theatrical release. Moreover, Mp4Movies has released movies several times, even before their theatrical release. This makes Mp4Movies one of the best websites to stream content. 

Unlimited Downloads

Unlike many other websites, Mp4Movies lets you download content without any worries. Mostly, websites allow users to download content a given number of times, but this is not the case with Mp4movies. It allows the user to download an unlimited number of movies that too without any problems.

Internet Speed

Downloading and streaming content on Mp4Movies happens at a lightning-fast speed. Many other websites that allow downloading content are very slow. The downloading and streaming speeds are infuriatingly low. However, this is not the case with Mp4Movies. You can download unlimited content at a very high speed. This is another factor that makes Mp4movies one of the best streaming sites on the internet. 

Request A Movie

The most standout feature of Mp4Movies is the feature to request movies. For instance, if you are looking for a movie or web series and it is not present on the website, you can request it, and the website will make it available for you. This feature is such a great feature to make sure that your users get the best experience possible. 

Some Mp4Movies Caveats

Just like any other website, Mp4Movies also has some problems. In this section, we will talk about the caveats of Mp4Movies.

Ads And Pop-Ups

As we mentioned, Mp4Movies is a free website, so in order to remain afloat, it has to show Ads and Pop-Ups, we get it. The annoying thing is the number of ads and pop-ups that come up while streaming on this website. Almost after every click, you are redirected to another very annoying website. Also, the Pop-ups can come up even when you’re watching movies or series, which, again, is super annoying.

Privacy Issues

Mp4Movies is a pirated or illegitimate website. It doesn’t have the right to stream any movies, let alone the latest releases. Whenever you’re using such websites, the risk of being exposed is always looming around. However, the website doesn’t ask you to register or log in, which means most of your personal information is safe. The main privacy problem is that during streaming, it redirects you to different websites that might steam your website by planting malware in your system. This means that your system’s IP and other important information might be leaked, and your system can also be affected by the virus. We recommend that you always use Virtual Private Network (VPN) to make sure that you remain safe and sound. 

Reliability Issues 

As we mentioned above, Mp4Movies is an illegitimate website that shows pirated movies. As a result, it is not totally legal to stream on this website. Due to its ability to release movies on the same day of their theatrical release and the fact that the site has some movies that have not even been released yet, the Government Of India has taken several steps to ban and shut down the website.  

Some Alternatives To Mp4Movies

There are many alternatives to Mp4Movies, some of them are listed below. If Mp4Movies is down, you can always visit these websites. 

  1. VegaMovies
  2. 9xMovies
  3. HDmovies300
  4. Flixtor
  5. Skymovieshd

Our Take On The Matter

We think that Mp4Movies is one of the best movie and TV show streaming sites available on the market today. The only problem lies in its illegitimate status, due to which it has been taken down several times but still manages to resurface back to the internet. Along with the Indian government, many foreign governments have also started banning MP4 movies. 


At Smartphone Crunch, we do not encourage or support piracy. This is just an informational post created to educate our audience. To stream or download movies online, always choose legal platforms.

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