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Downloading SoundCloud Music in Mp3 Is Possible With This Simple Hack

How To Download Music From SoundCloud

With over 135 million rapchik songs from the world’s hottest artists, SoundCloud is an impressive music platform. But, do you know how to download music from SoundCloud? That’s a tough question. All right!

So, here in the blog post, we will be breaking down some simple hacks to download MP3 music from this world’s biggest music streaming platform. So, there are multiple ways to download songs from SoundCloud. But, it starts with a simple sign-up. Let’s start with learning how to sign up for SoundCloud.

How To Sign Up For SoundCloud?

The sign-up process is really simple and hardly takes a few minutes. Here’s how it goes!

  • Open the SoundCloud app or in your browser
  • You can either signup using your Google or Facebook account, Apple ID, or an email address as well
  • Enter your age and gender (optional)
  • You will have to choose a display name
  • Submit and that’s all
  • You’ll soon be taken to SoundCloud’s discovery page

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How to Download Music From SoundCloud?

There are multiple ways to do that and we tried to cover the most popular and easiest among them. So, let’s check how to download music from SoundCloud. But, you cannot listen to music all day long. Use GetVideo to download the latest videos online for free and expand your horizon of entertainment.

Download Using SoundCloud’s Original Feature:

If you’ve ever downloaded songs from YouTube or any other streaming platform, you can easily download MP3 music from SoundCloud. Learning how to download music from SoundCloud is not hard at all. You just need to follow the right hack. So, let’s trace them!

  • Check whether or not the artists have made the songs downloadable from his side.
  • If you can see the ‘Download’ button, it means you can download that song.
  • Also, if the song is not enabled to download, you can still download it from third-party websites.

Note: You can download offline songs or media to your mobile phone if you’re subscribed to SoundCloud Go+ or SoundCloud Go.

How to Download Music From SoundCloud Through Web Browser

To download songs from SoundCloud using a web browser, you’ll have to start by login into your SoundCloud account on your desktop browser. This method is almost similar to the first ones but if you want instant downloads, you can look for third-party SoundCloud Extensions. These are often compatible with Chrome or Firefox. Let’s check how to download music from SoundCloud:

  • Click on the SoundCloud icon on your browser
  • Copy the URL of the song you want to download
  • Paste it on the downloader
  • Press the download button and your downloading will start soon
How to Download Music From SoundCloud

Note: The extensions might be prone to malware or viruses, so make sure you are choosing the right SoundCloud extension before installing it.

How To Download Music From SoundCloud Using KlickAud

One of the most popular SoundCloud song downloaders is KlickAud. An online tool with lots of features, KlickAud allows you to download music from SoundCloud in MP3 format. One of the best things about this is that it updates frequently and comes with the latest features to deliver an excellent user experience. 

Downloading SoundCloud music using KlickAud is so easy and quick. Moreover, the songs you will download will appear on your media player. Here’s how to do it;

  • Choose the song you want to download
  • Copy the URL from the three-dot on the top right corner
  • Go to KlickAud, paste the URL here
  • Press ‘Download’ and wait a minute as it might take a minute to process downloading
  • A quick link will appear on the screen.
  • Click to download

That’s all you have to do to download songs from SoundCloud. Do you want to convert that track into other formats too? No need to worry! We’ve solutions for that too. Here’s how it goes;

How to Convert SoundCloud Music To a Different Format?

MP3 is a popular format but sometimes you need to convert an audio file to another too. If MP3 is not what you are looking for, here’s how to convert your download track to a different file. You can convert it to MP4 or another format as per your needs. Let’s check how to do it quickly;

  • Drag the file you want to convert into AVC Free’s main windows
  • Choose an output format using the drop-down menu
  • Selection a destination where the file will move after downloading
  • Click ‘Convert Now’

If you want to listen to songs for free, SoundCloud is undoubtedly the most perfect option. Though there are Spotify and iTunes too, they are paid and don’t have an extensive collection than SoundCloud. Try these quick & easy ideas to download SoundCloud music to your smartphone or laptop to enjoy offline.

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