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Project Cars Go Review: Would It Get Fuss or Press Nitro? Let’s Check

Does the roar of drifting tires excite you? If yes, the new mobile racing game is best suited to you. Read our project cars go review to learn more!

Risk has always been an integral part of motorsports. Racing is often scaled second to death & disaster, spinning with realistic possibilities of how a man and machine will end in a fury. Project Cars Go, on the other hand, completely opposes and about tapping!

We won’t say that it doesn’t fasten the tapping – because it does it in some manner – but would it manage to make its way through the sweaty-palmed edge of the seat trash, petrol-powered carnage? Well, based upon the review we did yet, it doesn’t seem to meet the marks.

At first, the game follows its fellows in the mobile gaming industry. It works upon a similar structure to the likes of CSR. We must say that Project Cars Go is a big, glossy game that is designed to make the most out of your hands. The game breaks the traditional chains and doesn’t have any steering. Instead, you’ll need to change gear and brakes. Of course, there is no button for this. You will do that by poking or pressing the screen at certain places. The smooth your tap, the more accurate and efficient your move will be.

The tab changes will appear on the screen in arc-shape over the top of the race track. It will turn blue on changing gear and red on releasing the pressure. At the start of the race, you go through the green gate by hitting the sweetest sport of your car’s reverse as soon as the lights change.

There are two types of races – drag and the traditional track race. So, you can choose either of them to satiate your adventurous appetite. As suggested, drag races are straightforward blasts to the finish line – you just need to warm up your tire finely before you hit the trigger and cross the gate. Pushing and tapping the screen will boost your meter. That’s not something new, as most traditional games have been doing this for years.

Talking about the track races, they’re here to help you make the most out of the experience. These can last for anything between a couple of minutes to a whole bunch of gates as you tap and press. Though, there is an issue with longer races, since most of the part during the course of action remains to unfold.

However, the problem never occurs in drag races, since they hit the finish line in a couple of blinks. But, you cannot overlook the extended challenges that bumble along. Also, the skirting experience keeps you entertained but never fails to pump your blood in a way other mobile racing games like Asphalt does. 

In terms of presentation, Project Cars Go is damn impressive. From dragging sound to visuals, everything looks & sounds incredible. In case, you are watching over someone’s shoulder, the races will feel super fast, frantic, and full-of-actions. With a cinematic thrill and surrounding sound, Project Cars Go comes with an outstanding experience.

Despite all these adventures, the thrill never really gets transferred to you, and after a few races, it will start getting flat. Though the zeal will continue – there’s an undeniable addiction to Project Cars Go and even after hours-long races, you’re going to jump back in.

Project Cars Go might be strange, but it is an exciting and action-packed game. It does capture the thrill and sports joy, thus it is hard, slightly impossible to take your eyes off from its vibrant visuals. Even after a 5-minute race in which your eyes were strictly on the screen, you would want to go back for another one.

In this review, we felt that the Project Cars Go might not be the car racing sim that people might have wished for, but it is certainly an ultimate experience of the best racing games. It still manages to be compulsive enough to keep your eyes and fingers engaged. And, that’s what we all wanted to experience.


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