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A Quick Guide On Why And How To Change PS5 Background

Want to know how to change PS5 background? Stay tuned till the end to find the answer!

PlayStation has been one of the most popular gaming consoles for decades. Every year, the console has been updated to the latest PS3, PS4 and PS5 versions. The current version of the PlayStation is PS5, packed with 4K resolutions and many other advanced features. But the only feature that PS5 does not provide is the theme and background modification option. 

Fortunately, we have found an answer to how to change the background of PS5, and are sharing those workarounds in this blog, but first, know the reasons why you want to change the background. 

Why Do You Want To Change PS5 Background?

PS5 or PlayStation is a dynamic theme. The look and interface of the PS5 are so simple. Users want to change the look of the PS5 to make it more impressive and exciting to play games. Here are a few more reasons that make games search for how to change PS5 background. 

  • To personalise the game background

Gamers are often creative and want to connect every object with their game theme to make them look attractive. The idea of changing the background of PS5 is to make it look cool, similar to their game. 

  • Improve the visibility of icons and make their accessibility easier 

Since PS5 is a dynamic theme, it keeps changing depending on the game, which means there is uncertainty in the background. Users search for how to change PS5 background to customise the background according to their convenience and increase visibility. 

  • To create the layout according to the suitability 

Not everyone is comfortable with the default theme or background, and some want to make the changes according to their needs and comfort. 

The good thing is PS5 does not restrict customisation completely. You can change a few settings according to your needs. Here is what you can change in PS5 background. 

What Can You Change In PS5 Background?

Gamers searched for how to change PS5 background. Changing the background can improve your access and gaming experience. Let’s see what changes you can bring to your PS5. 

  • Control Center

You can control several features with the help of the ‘Control Center’ button. By default, this button is flooded with features that you might not even use. You can change the button settings according to your requirement. 

  • Sort & Filter

The Sort & Filter feature can arrange the game in your desired order. You can eliminate the pop-up that reminds you of the money you spent on the game. For this, you need to click on the three dots on the left to sort your games with the filter of your choice.

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Learn How To Change PS5 Background

The following steps will help you to change the ps5 background in an easy way. We will use a screenshot from the internet to change the wallpaper of the PS5. However, using the internet on the PS5 is a little difficult because it does not support PS4 and PS4 browsers. Go through the following steps if you are searching for how to change PS5 background. 

  • Press the PlayStation Button on your controller. 
  • Navigate to the game base, which will automatically open the “Friends” menu.
  • Find the ‘Message’ option and click.
  • Open the chat with any of your friends and select the chat box. 
  • Enter Bing.com and press R2 on the controller to send the message.
  • Select the Bing.com message, and it will open in the PS5 inbuilt browser.
  • Once the image of Bing.com has loaded in the browser, head over to the images.
  • Select the search box and type the wallpaper name which you want to change as the PS5 background. 
  • Choose the wallpaper and Press and Hold the Create Button on your PS5 controller to take a screenshot.
  • If you see the screenshot symbol on the top of the screen, that means the screenshot has been successfully taken.
  • To open the screenshot, hold the Create Button and then select the screen you have taken.
  • Go to the Edit Button to edit the screenshot to make it perfect for the background cover.

Note: With the edit option, you can crop the screenshot and remove unnecessary elements that you do not want. You can zoom in or out of the screenshot using the joystick. 

  • Now select the Save Button to finalise the changes. 
  • Replace the original screenshot with a new one and press the PlayStation Button on the controller, and head to the profile menu.
  • Tap on the Profile Button to edit the profile placed on the right side of the screen.
  • Select the Cover Image option and tap on the Change Image to select an image as wallpaper for your PS5.
  • Select the image you edited a few steps back. 
  • See the wallpaper in action and tap Save to change the wallpaper. 

Now you can see the changed wallpaper on PS5 as you desire. 

This is how to change PS5 background using the screenshot. However, Sony has to bring more changes to the functionality of the PS5. We are waiting for Sony to bring a hassle-free feature that allows users to modify their backgrounds. You can wait for our next blog on the updated part of PS5. Make the notifications to get the information!

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