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Top 10 Hacking Movies You Should Watch Once In A Life

The advancement in technology and cybersecurity has been a boom in the 21st century, and the global film industry uses it to present the unique scenario of events in the form of hacker movies. It is no wonder that different types of movies show the mysterious world of hacking. In between this, a new generation expects something mind-boggling and futuristic in the hacking film. In this blog, we will share a list of hacking movies you must watch.

1- Hackers

Hackers, as the name suggests, is a movie based on a group of young hackers and features Angelina Jolie, Jonee Lee Miller, and Matthew Lillard. With an attention-grabbing storyline, Hackers revolves around a group of hackers that uses various hacking techniques like network scanning, password cracking, and phishing to obtain data and information. This movie is a treat for audiences who want to experience an introductory cinematic hacking experience.

2- Takedown

The second on the list of hacker movies is “The Takedown”, which is based on the true story of infamous hackers Kevin David Mitnick and his partner Tsutomu Shimomura. Released in 2000, Takedown didn’t get the recognition it deserved at that time. In this movie, the blackhat and whitehat hacking techniques are shown along with a background of crime. You can watch this movie online on various streaming platforms easily.

3- Open Windows

You probably heard the name Open Windows which is considered one of the best hacking movies due to its unique plot. It is written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo and includes real stories about common people. Open Windows has a simple storyline that revolves around the prevalent technology that interconnects people and shows the various hacking threats. The story of this hacking movie will keep you glued to your seat as it shows some of the advanced techniques of hacking devices.

4- The Signal

If you want to experience a drama and thriller with a hacking theme, this movie is perfect for you. The Signal is one of few hacking movies showing anonymous hackers’ dark side. William Eubank directs it and includes the MIT students who suddenly got an email from hackers. The mystery of finding the hacker makes you keep watching this movie till the end. 

5- The Italian Job

The Italian Job brilliantly shows how modern hacking works and the chances of getting data breaches in the public system. When it comes to all-time great hacking movies, you will see this movie at the top. It has some of the best hacking and action scenes that give a thrilling experience.

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6- The Fifth Estate

The story of this famous hacking movie is based on the biggest controversial creator of WikiLeaks. Released in 2013, The Fifth Estate story is based on the history of Julian Assange with International government affairs. In this movie, you will see an investigation process that involves the hacking of systems to uncover the government’s crime. The movie features Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Bruhl who build a journalism organisation to expose the shady deeds of various officials. Don’t forget to watch “The Fifth Estate” if you want to experience one of the best thrilling hacking movies.

7- Sneakers

When it comes to the all-time great hacking movies, Sneakers movie has its own place on the list. This movie was released in 1992 and is a classic cinematic work on a cyber heist. The main character Martin played by Robert Redford, is tasked to test the security system of multiple companies. Sneakers movie is full of twists and plots, as Martin steals one of the powerful tools during the testing process. The rest of this hacking movie’s story revolves around this tool’s usage. 

8- Blackhat

Acclaimed as the best action and thrilling movie, Blackhat movie could be the perfect hacking movie for you to watch. It features Chris Hemsworth as the main character, who uses his hacking skills to hunt down the cyber attack. The movie’s start shows the digital attack on Chicago Mercantile Trade Exchange, which prompts FBI involvement. You should add Blackhat movie to your must-watch hacking movies list.

9- WarGames

It is one of the oldest and top-rated hacking movies on this list as well. Very few people know that this movie follows the story of a high-school student who accidentally breaks down in the US Air Force missile system. The cinema offers perfect scenes of hacking with an exciting narrative with plots. Don’t forget to watch this movie on hacking.

10- 23

The last movie on the list is 23, an underrated thriller based on a true event. It is based on the real-life hacker Karl Koch who lived in Germany during the Cold War. The movie’s storyline is excellent as it shows Karl Koch hacking the global data network and the events after that. It also received a good rating from critics and was often overlooked by the viewers.

That’s the wrap-up to the list of the best hacking movies everyone must watch once. We hope you found these movies entertaining and perfect in terms of storyline and plot. If you have other movies to add, mention them in the comment section.


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