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Xiaomi Introduces Loop LiquidCool Technology: Here is How It Works

Xiaomi’s Loop LiquidCool Technology

Here is Everything You Should Know About Xiaomi’s New Loop LiquidCool Technology, Introduced for Smartphones. 

Xiaomi has announced a new technology called Loop LiquidCool technology for its upcoming Smartphones. The new tech is inspired by the aerospace industry with the efficiency of cooling down the Xiaomi Smartphone’s processor. Overheating was always a problem with Xiaomi smartphones, but now this Loop LiquidCool technology will be good news for mobile gamers and power users. 

This heat dissipation method claims to separate the hot air and cooling liquid circulation that lowers the heat of the mobile phone. Let’s take an in-depth look into the technology and how it works. 

Loop LiquidCool Technology: How it Works?

The company claims that the new technology will keep the smartphone more relaxed while running heavy tasks like video editing software, games, or something that uses lots of resources. Smartphones generate heat when the processor is running at maximum capacity, causing extra energy to be released in the form of heat. 

Xiaomi’s Loop LiquidCool Technology

While modern chipset and cooling tech are good at managing the heat, Xiaomi has introduced new technology to control the heat better. Loop LiquidCool technology uses the ‘Capillary Effect’ that cools down the heat with its cooling agent. The heat then evaporates the heat efficiently and sends it to the cooler area of the system. 

In the cooler area, the vapour condenses again and sends it to the heat source. This cycle keeps on running and keeps the system cooler for a long time. 

To get this technology to work, the company will be adding a heat pipe system, a condenser, an evaporator, a refill chamber, and liquid pipes. 

According to the blog post by the company, the new technology has been tested on Xiaomi MIX 4 and replaced the older cooling technology with the Loop LiquidCool system. In the testing of 30 minutes, Genshin Impact played 60fps max video, and it is noted that the new system could keep things cooler by 8.6° C. 

It is different from regular VC or Vapor Chamber cooling processes. While the regular VC uses a similar method to cool down the process, the Loop LiquidCool system keeps hot air and cooling circulation separate.

The company aims to bring the technology to its products in the second half of 2022.   

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