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Xiaomi CyberDog: A Four-Legged Robot Unveiled In India 

The Chinese Tech Giant, Xiaomi has finally launched its four-legged robot or CyberDog on its 8th anniversary in India, which was on 4 July.  Last year, the company introduced and launched a CyberDog in China during an event. After a long time, the company has finally brought its CyberDog to India as well. With this electronic pet dog, the company wants to depict its cutting-edge technology and development to Indian audiences. The company announced on Twitter that CyberDog will finally be knocking on the doors of Indian customers. 

Specifications of the CyberDog at a glance 

CyberDog or a bio-inspired quadruped robot is a customized robot. As per the brand, the robot has 32Nm of maximum torque output, a max motor speed of 220 rpm, and a walking speed of about 11 km/hr. Moreover, there are multiple sensors that are embedded in the dog and give it all sorts of functional abilities. The dimensions of the dog are 77.1 x 35.5 x 40 cm and the weight is 14 kg. 

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Further, this CyberDog comes with artificial intelligence cameras and computer version support. During autonomous mode, the robot can easily track objects and build a map of the movement. CyberDog supports voice control and for better sound perception, 6 microphones are built into the model. In fact, control through smartphones is also implemented in this robot. We can say that like a real pet, the CyberDog will easily be able to perform all the commands, for instance, backflip. 

The price of the CyberDog 

According to some reports, the CyberDog sells for roughly around 9,999 yuan, which is around Rs 1,18,213. Further, Xiaomi will display the CyberDog at Mi Stores in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Kolkata. 


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