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Xiaomi Air Charger Claims 5W Wireless Charging, Showing A Cord Free Future

Xiaomi Air Charger

When it comes to gadgets and accessories, nothing is truly wireless unless it gives freedom of movement. Although, wireless earphones such as Apple AirPods and Xyfro Truly Wireless Earbuds have accomplished this fame too early. But, if you mind asking what’s new in the Smartphone market that is truly wireless, we would name Xiaomi’s Air Charge Technology. 

Xiaomi Air Charger is Designed to Transform The Way We Have Been Charging – If Something is Truly Wireless, It Must be Xiaomi’s Shade.

The company’s statement which says, “New Mi Air Charge technology can remotely charge multiple devices (5W each) over several meters without interference from physical obstacles” has taken the industry by storm. The concept of current wireless charging technology from Apple and Samsung is not truly wireless, since we either have to be around the charging pad or plunk the phone on it.

Talking about Xiaomi’s latest Air Charge Technology, it is supposed to transform the world for a while. Although it removes the gap of a few meters, that’s enough to enjoy the freedom of movement. We get a rough idea about the all-new Air Charger from a YouTube Video published by Chinese device-maker Xiaomi. It shows details about an upcoming long-range wireless power system that changes through the air. It will require a base station that involves a small end table along with a 144-antenna array inside.

The antennas are anticipated to produce “extremely narrow millimeter wide wave beams” to the antennas, especially built into smartphones in the same room or area around 5-10 meters. Feeding to these beams, the device will then start charging at 5W, which is perhaps the lowest end of what you can expect from current wireless chargers.

It would really be an advancement in today’s technology if a single base station could power up multiple devices in the room through the air. There are lots of questions in mind but the video couldn’t answer all of them. It was a short intro that lacked specific details like the release date and how much it would potentially cost in the market. However, Xiaomi has never disappointed with ambitious promises and we are expecting it to recreate the storm it has once taken in the smartphone industry.

While some leading companies have questions by saying it’s a ‘marketing hype and illusion’. They said it is not possible from an engineering perspective. However, we think it will hit the market soon’.

Though long-range wireless charging is not something new, for smartphones it is definitely a boom. A few years ago, Disney got inspiration from Tesla to create a room in which devices could charge wirelessly through the air. Wi-Charge’s PowerPuck system generates infrared beams that can charge antenna devices up to 30 feet away without the power level dropped.

However, Xiaomi’s charging system looks impressive, it would be truly amazing if it comes as advertised. There are still plenty of loopholes and conceptions. Despite its reliability on millimeter-wave beam technology, Xaiomi’s claims that it would work wine through minor obstacles. 

Again there is no official comment made on this. So, all we can do is wait till Xiaomi’s Air charge technology becomes reality.

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