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A Digital Yardstick For Ultimate Parenting 

Gone are the days when Nani and Dadi used to set a benchmark for raising kids. With evolving times, millennials are shifting to their own different standards and guidelines on “how to raise kids efficiently”. Technology intervention is inevitable in this changing landscape, and it has not even left the aspect of parenting untouched. New age parenting style has been deploying online sources and digital experiences to change how they raise their younger ones to be sensible human beings. 

Hidden somewhere, in the boundless expanses of the digital world, is one such parenting app that has aided the age-old parenting style, nudging it in the right direction. WOW Parenting is one such digital version of the indispensable advice that is crucial for every parent in this generation. A digital guide that presents parents with the best and tested techniques to raise their child, WOW Parenting is an exemplary step in the direction of inculcating the right practices to raise a child successfully using the appropriate guidance. 

A Holy Grail For The Millenial Parents 

WOW Parenting, initiated in 2015 by Paresh Shah and Narendra Goidani, is an endeavour to impart the right knowledge, techniques and guidance to give the child a cohesive environment to grow. The digital app’s contents are framed to give the parents the necessary guidance and scientifically proven parenting techniques to carve out the best version of the child.¬†

“WOW Parenting is not a manual to raise your child. However, it does give several concrete examples of how other people and cultures raise calm, respectful, successful children,”

-Narendra Goidani, Founder of WOW Parenting.

The application functions on the five pillars of Parenting, and each pillar of parenting is based on the different elements of a child’s personality, namely, Social, Performance, Identity, Communication and Emotional aspects. WOW Parenting inculcates all these aspects in the different training sessions and activities that both the parents and children can enjoy in the comfort of their homes. 

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Carving Out Personality 

The entire concept of WOW Parenting focuses on the utility and inclusion of these five pillars in the parenting style. This online model of parenting includes effective and better ways to ensure that all these elements are included in the child’s personality. WOW Parenting gives its users access to a series of parenting videos, practical scenarios, actionable insights, real-time stories and practical scenarios that helps in shaping parenting decisions. WOW Parenting deploys these tools to ensure that the parents focus on each of the five aspects of the child’s personality: 

A connection with the roots ensures the child’s Social Skills are enhanced.¬†

Setting higher benchmarks and goals to inculcate a winning mindset, which improves the child’s overall Performance¬†

Improving the child’s analytical, creative and tactical abilities to refine their Identity prepares them for the future.¬†

To brush up on Communication skills, the platform develops abilities in the child to observe, comprehend, listen, express, and improve the attention span. 

The aspect of Emotional Intelligence is inculcated by improving the child’s self-awareness, developing empathy, and a sense of self-motivation.¬†

Now I no longer carry the pressure of being a PERFECT Parent. I am aware I am not a perfect parent, but I can keep working on it using WOW Parenting videos. Thanks, Naren, for your guidance!”

Meena Mundada, Mother

The Pillars Behind The Successful Venture 

WOW Parenting is the brainchild of Narendra Goidani, aka ‘Naren’, a parenting and life coach with an experience of over 20 years, who authored multiple books, a dreamer and a visionary. WOW Parenting took shape as an aftermath that the founder faced while raising his own child. The lack of extensive material, tips, and suggestions on parenting led Naren to address this fact and bring a worthwhile change in the way parenting is perceived. 

On this journey, Naren was joined by Paresh Shah (co-founder), who just said, “Let’s do it,” and left no stone unturned to make WOW Parenting a successful venture, not only financially but to solve the bigger purpose of inculcating a progressive parenting style and raising a champion child. 

WOW Parenting is NOT just a manual on “How to raise your child?”; it rather promotes the right parenting strategies while making choices for their child’s future.

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