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What Went Wrong With Fau-G? 

FAU-G, the game that every Indian dreamed would be a successor to PUBG Mobile, although makers nCore games claimed many times that it would not be a replacement. Instead, the game focuses on a single-player encounter by providing serial missions centred on Indian soldiers. The first segment focuses on reenacting events that took place in Ladakh’s Galwan Valley. 

As a PubG contender, Faug-G secured good hype after its launch but was condemned by gamers for the “ lack of gunplay,” a key feature that gamers desperately seek. This lacklustre game seemed to miss the mark amongst gaming freaks. Here’s what went wrong: 

It was rushed 

A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad, – Shigeru Miyamoto

This phrase by the renowned Japanese game creator undoubtedly applies to FAU-G more than any other mobile game launched. FAU-G was in no condition to debut, and it appears that the game was rushed to fill the hole left by the ban on one of the best shooting games for mobile, PUBG Mobile, in India. The present situation of the game indicates that there had been much more planned, but the creators did not have the time to create it. In fact, the game has inferior gameplay than titles from the 1990s and is simply not enjoyable. You can currently just utilise melee attacks, move, and block, which becomes tedious towards the end of the mission.

Lack of Content 

The fact that it had only one episode, no weapon variation, and no multiplayer option indicates that the game was simply unprepared. With only one storyline episode that isn’t very long and has almost no story, this game required additional material when it first came out. Currently, the game is too short to keep players interested; hence, most gamers uninstalled it after completing the first objective. Like most other games, FAU-G comes with an in-game store with the option to buy Gold Coins with real money. You can use these coins to buy in-game items like skins for the character and melee weapons. Besides, it also has a store to sell real-world FAU-G merchandise like T-Shirts and Hoodies.

No Multiplayer 

There is currently no multiplayer mode; consequently, users can’t play with their pals in a team deathmatch or free-for-all mode. PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile, and Free Fire, among others, are popular in India because they allow gamers to play with their circle of friends as a squad as well as against other players, providing a sense of competitiveness. It appears that nCore Games has failed to overcome its net code and server issues, which could have caused the delay. Furthermore, because there are no guns available to players at present, it would be strange to see players swinging pipes at each other in multiplayer mode.

FAU-G’s main campaign puts players in the shoes of an Army Soldier in the Galwan Valley. Eventually, the game fails to feature any guns and focuses on hand-to-hand combat. Widely recognised as a “proudly made in India project,” it pays tribute to India’s Armed Forces. Without any speck of doubt, the game was launched to fill the void left by PUBG. 

An Effort to Maximise Nationalism Wave 

Before releasing the game, the developers should have spent more time and effort on finer elements. And they still have the opportunity to remedy this with the other two options that will be added in the future. 

Game reviewers and experts have found FAU-G to be a very basic and lacklustre game with a weak storyline, insipid gameplay, and average graphics. Plus, the half-baked modes suggest that the game is incomplete and has been released in a hurry. Contrary to our assumptions, FAU-G seems to be intended for kids and cannot be termed a PUBG or COD Mobile alternative. It seems more like a missed opportunity with the intent to cash out on the nationalistic hype created in the beginning. 

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