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Vivo Introduces The Strangest Foldable Phone Ever Designed

To what extent do you  think a phone can be folded? 90° or 180°, you think it can be turned? With the strangest foldable design ever, Vivo is gonna set its marks into the foldable smartphone segment. With its entry into the splash pool, it’s gonna change the concept of folding phones forever. 

Rumors are that it’s upcoming and the very first foldable phone can lengthen its screen by folding it from the back. If it’s true anyway then it will be the most advanced foldable smartphone ever. Additionally, the wrapped portion of the screen at the back can be used as a rear-screen. Only if it functions similarly.

Paving a way for the Wraparound displays, Vivo has finally entered the foldable phone segment. The smartphone company has submitted a patent for a unique design that allows you to make the most out of its display. Experienced by the 91Mobiles, the patent was submitted over the Chinese patent site CNIPA and other details are yet imagined compared to other foldable phones like Samsung Galaxy Fold Z and so on.

Vivo’s awaited phone doesn’t fold in half. Instead, the half part of the display wraps around the phone’s bottom edge but can also be folded back to extend the front screen. Though there is not any dimension defined yet, we are expecting the fold-out would extend the front’s display’s length by 25% wraparound.


The foldable display, when wrapped, can be used as a secondary display at the back. As experienced with earlier devices with foldable screens, its back camera can be used as a selfie camera while using the four main snappers. Although the secondary camera is shown in the sketches, so it could be either under the display or completely unavailable.


The design apparently has other drawbacks as well. With its flexible display and hinge residing on the bottom corner of the phone, it’s, even more, tend to its bumps, scratches, and lint. Additionally, if Vivo is not using wireless charging, the USB-C port has to be placed atop the smartphone. It is perhaps something that most users are gonna hate about this futuristic foldable smartphone. A long display will also affect the user experience as most people are one-handed phone users.

Having said, the cons are also obvious. A longer display comes with more content requirements for the vertical view that could fit the display in a clear and precise manner. Though it would be slightly handy for the Twitter or Reddit Browsers. With the foldable nature, the display of this phone enables its users to extend its display when needed, especially when reading something or watching movies.

Finally, this concept of wraparound smartphones would allow Vivo to build shorter, more compact, and appealing smartphones that can extend into any larger device. It would let it serve the users on both sides of the fencing or chrome.

Keep in mind that Vivo’s design is just a patent at this point. It has not made any official announcement yet. There is uncertainty about whether or not this technique will be used on consumer-ready devices. Vivo is rumored to ship a foldable smartphone in the second half of this year – 2021. However, that one is supposed to feature Samsung’s display-made-screen. Although it’s unclear what design and philosophy the Chinese firm will be used in the particular device.

We are expecting Vivo to release a foldable phone soon but if you cannot wait till then you can check out our review on Samsung Galaxy A32.

Vishal Prajapati
Vishal Prajapati
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