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Top Must Have Apps for Med Students

It’s possible that completing medical school will be one of the most difficult difficulties you ever experience. the positive news is You’re not required to go it alone. We’re not even referring about the lifelong friends you’ll meet along the road, but rather the wealth of 21st-century resources available to you. leading the ranking? Here are the best-recommended apps for getting the most out of top schools for medicine.



It’s not only to check their friend’s texts; medical students, residents, and doctors always have their phones with them. then why? mainly because tools like MedCalX facilitate their work. With the aid of this medical calculator, you have immediate access to intricate medical formulae, scores, scales, and classifications.

With MedCalX’s ability to be modified with your preferred equations and its availability in five languages with more on the way, you’ll always have the knowledge you require when time-sensitive scenarios happen.


What is produced when more than 600 case scenarios from 30 different specialties are combined into a single medical instructional tool? the chance to practice and test your diagnostic skills in a situation that closely resembles the real world. Prognosis is a very effective tool for learning from mistakes and honing decision-making abilities, despite having the appearance and even the feel of a game.

There is a reason why a wide range of healthcare professionals, including medical students, physicians, and nurses, utilize this app, which has been downloaded more than four million times since late 2015 alone.


There are almost 8,000 medical eponyms named after the persons (or places or things) connected with the diagnosis of the disease, according to “Whonamedit,” a dictionary of medical eponyms. It goes without saying that keeping track of these eponyms might be difficult. Users of this free software may browse through and search through thousands of popular medical eponyms, which is ideal for medical students who are already having a hard time keeping up with the enormous quantity of knowledge.


The world’s medical experts have downloaded this highly rated software more than 10 million times. Clinical presentations, workups, and treatment information, as well as continuing medical education courses, are among the features.

Don’t currently have access to the internet? Offline access allows you to continue using this well-known app.


In order to assist physicians, pharmacists, and other members of the healthcare team in making safe, knowledgeable care decisions, Micromedex provides evidence-based information. It has been a dependable industry resource for more than 40 years and is currently used by 3,500 hospitals in 80 countries.

With a database of more than 4,500 search terms, including generic and common trade names, indications, contraindications, adverse effects, and everything else doctors need to make safe, informed care decisions, the user-friendly Micromedex drug information app is a valuable resource for medical students as well.

Muscle And Bone Anatomy 3D

One of the most fundamental but important medical concepts you need to grasp is anatomy. Simply understanding how the human body is constructed would allow you to quickly guess what the patient’s condition is.

Muscle and Bone Anatomy 3D, one of the greatest applications for medical students, offers a realistic and thorough view of the human body.

It costs just $4.99 to download for users of iOS, Android, and Windows. It is an animated software that displays a thorough 3D depiction of every bone, muscle, and joint in the human body. More than simply a model, the 145 muscles come with comprehensive information regarding their name, place of origin, point of insertion, source of nerve supply, and manner of activity.

Depending on the subject you choose to learn, you can alter one of seven 3D models. You would be able to observe how the muscle contracts as well as how the bones and associated joints move. Additionally, it offers pictures and movies as learning aids.

There is an internal quiz you may take to test your knowledge of anatomy if you also want a challenge.


Students at medical schools read. A much. What if, however, there was a simple technique to improve your capacity for active recall and metacognition? The technique is known as spaced repetition. This program, which describes itself as “flashcards on steroids,” uses the strength of this retention strategy that has been scientifically shown to help children learn more quickly and effectively.

Users of Brainscape’s “smart flashcards” have the option to test their knowledge, measure their progress, share cards with others, and bookmark cards for later reference.

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