Top 3 Bitcoin Miner Hosting Options in 2022

Bitcoin Hosting

When we talk about cryptocurrency, the following associations arise: bitcoin, exchange, instability. To some extent, there is a reason for this. Bitcoin is one of the most widely recognized cryptocurrencies, and the constant fluctuations in the value of digital money are a source of instability. But those who are much more deeply involved in this activity, distinguish plenty of advantages and choose the extraction of coins as an effective way to increase income. Those who do it professionally know that mining involves a serious investment, as well as the choice of a certain place where the process itself will take place. Producing cryptocurrency at home and on your own is becoming more challenging, so hosted mining Minery.io and other companies that provide different types of services come into play. But how to choose the most suitable one? What is worth paying attention to? Let’s quickly get to the bottom of it.

What Does Mining Hosting Mean?

First, let’s find out what the process of mining itself is. Cryptocurrency extraction is the production of coins using the power of the equipment. Therefore, the logical conclusion is that for mining the equipment must be powerful and therefore expensive. For the entire process it doesn’t require the computer power to be in one place. All of them are located in different parts of the world and perform calculations generating new blocks in the blockchain. From millions of combinations, a single matching hash is picked up. Many miners are involved in the so-called game, but the reward goes to the one who found the result of the mathematical transformation first.

Now production of digital money is impossible without special equipment. If previously a home computer was perfectly suitable for this purpose, now everything has changed. Plus, this requires a stable Internet connection, powerful ventilation and cooling system. Therefore, in most cases, such an option as mining at home or in a basement is no longer possible. Hosting services come to the rescue. It is a place where they host your equipment. That is, in fact, mining is in the hands of professionals, who monitor all the procedures and ensure the smooth operation of the devices.

In the search for the most suitable companies for the placement of the mining equipment focus on the following:

  • price of services,
  • its quality,
  • licenses,
  • cooling system,
  • technical support and monitoring,
  • reputation,
  • security system.

3 Best Hosting Companies

1. Best Mining Hosting Minery.io

This is one of the most famous and successful companies, which offers remote mining service. They have clients from 10 countries and host more than 15000 mining servers. The platform shows stable revenue growth and offers unlimited potential for scaling your business.

Among the main advantages of the company:

  • real experts whose experience allows them to manage the every process of mining,
  • access to unlimited secure network at high speeds,
  • 24/7 monitoring of the equipment and systems,
  • advantageous geographical location with low temperatures,
  • provision of a continuous flow of renewable and affordable energy source,
  • equipment insurance, which means no additional charges in case of breakdowns,
  • access to an online store where you can order hardware in a few clicks for a much better price,
  • full legality and customer focus,
  • huge size of mining farms’ facilities and powerful air intake and exhaust ventilation systems.

Everyone in the company is responsible for certain mining stages. To accurately describe the services we can use the phrase “turnkey mining” because you don’t need to run around looking for the equipment, the place and the right conditions for device storage to start mining. Everything is done for you by specialists.

2. Minerset

This company will help at different stages of mining. Minerset is one of the popular distributors of cryptocurrency mining hardware. It has a store with different assortment and delivery to various corners of the world. The company collaborates with major hardware manufacturers, so you’re sure to find the right products for the work here. Its services also extend to hosting. In 2022, they launched a new hosting facility in South Carolina. Here they offer nuclear-powered management, which is environmentally friendly.  You’ll get:

  • full hardware setup,
  • remote control,
  • temperature and cleanliness control,
  • 24-hour support,
  • insurance.

3. Compute North

This provider offers extensive hosting services. Compute North brings you the best value for money through efficient service. The company provides the following:

  • a modern approach to investing,
  • secure and efficient hosting,
  • selection of equipment based on your preferences,
  • possibility to mine any currency you want,
  • proven specialists,
  • favorable prices on services,
  • constant monitoring.


There are plenty of opportunities available now to mine bitcoin. And here it’s not just about the variety of equipment, but also about the processes when everything is done instead of you. To achieve efficient mining rely on professionals. Choose the best company that guarantees constant monitoring of mining, takes care of the quality of its services and is focused on customer needs.

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