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Users Can Finally Sync WhatsApp Chat Between iOS And Android

Sync WhatsApp Chat Between iOS And Android

Do you plan every time to switch your old phone to a new one with the opposite operating system but you dropped the plan just because you will lose your WhatsApp chat? WhatsApp is going to allow its users soon to transfer chat from iOS to Android and vice-versa. 

WhatsApp has always been updating its features and many of which appeared in beta updates. But the latest feature of WhatsApp that the company is reportedly working on will let its users to backup their chats. This would be one of the biggest features of WhatsApp that let users switch between the devices at ease. 

As per WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is testing this feature between the iPhone and Android devices. Further details that have been rolled out that feature will be backed with the functionality that will let users use a single account for this purpose. The current information through this post suggested that users will be able to use one number on four devices for WhatsApp. The upcoming feature of WhatsApp will eliminate the use of third-party apps to transfer the chats like WhatsApp Plus. 

But this feature will require a Wi-Fi connection because of the massive amount of data including chats, photos, videos, files, and other shared content. While WABetainfo is testing the feature on the desktop, the post noted that the feature will work perfectly on the mobile device too.

Further, the report claims that the future updated iOS and Android of the app will enable the possibility to transfer the chat history between the devices. The screenshot of the iOS version shared by the report displays the title of the screen- that would be like “move chats to android”, followed by two options ‘Update Now’ and ‘Not Now’. 

As of now, the feature is under development and there is no expected date when it will be rolled out. But as far as the report is suggesting the feature is expecting to support the same WhatsApp account across multiple devices. 

However, users have to wait for this feature because it is being under development and takes time to be executed without any hassles. It is going to change the user’s experience of using WhatsApp. It will be the most flexible way to migrate the WhatsApp chat between two different operating systems if it runs perfectly. 

Switching between the two operating systems had always been a daunting task. Most people skip the plan whenever they think to buy a new iPhone only because they will lose their crucial chat or data. But this feature of WhatsApp will be a highlight among all WhatsApp features launched yet. You must be excited about this definitely, let’s wait until it gets launched. 

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