Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Leaks: Release Date, Price, and Specs

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is unquestionably a superb watch that you can buy today. So it is more exciting to see how Samsung will come up with its successor. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is the next upcoming smartwatch from the house of Samsung and we can’t wait for long to share the expected specifications about it. 

Leaks and rumors about the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 are already coming out with lots of expectations of the users. Now it is to see what improvements Samsung has made and how it will please its audience who have been waiting for long for something next-level.  

From the specification, features to design, we have included everything in this guide for our readers. Notably, every information mentioned below is expected and created on the basis of leaks and rumors but from the most-trusted sources. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Highlights

Starting from one of the biggest leaks of this new wearable device of Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 might run on Wear OS rather than Tizen. This leak directly comes from Ice Universe who claims Samsung’s upcoming wearable device will switch to Android. 

Besides this, other rumors suggested that Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will feature Glucometer to measure blood pressure. Apart from this, it will sport a heart rate monitor, an ECG, GPS, and circular AMOLED screen. Beyond all that, it can also come in two different sizes as influenced by the last model. But LTE features will be optional. 

We can also predict that the new model of the Samsung Watch is loaded with a variety of exercise and activity tracking features, along with water-resistance. 

So these are the major highlights of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 that can absolutely fit your desires of a high-end smartwatch and can be your next dashing wearable. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Design & Size

Design is the one major concern after features when it comes to buying the best affordable smartwatch. Based on the previous model Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, it will be available in two sizes. However, there is no information revealed about the measurement yet.

This time Samsung is leaving behind its traditional material of steel and aluminum and luckily going with the premium material and finishes. This is all that is revealed about the design yet.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Release Date & Price

The previous timepiece of Samsung was announced nearby August as Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 was released on August 21, 2020, Samsung Galaxy Active 2 was released on August 5 of 2019 and the original Samsung Galaxy was unveiled on August 9, 2018. 

With all that in mind, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is expected to be released in August 2021. However, the latest leaks suggest that it will be out in the second quarter of 2021, which means May, June, or July. 

As far as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Price is concerned, there isn’t any news yet. But as the rumors suggest, it will be somewhere similar to Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 which starts from $399 for a 41mm size, and $429 for the larger model 45mm, with the price rising in both cases if you chose LTE connectivity. 

Other Concerns

Battery, RAM, and Health Apps are the major concerns when it comes to spending a good amount on wearable. Samsung Galaxy 3 stays long for two or three days on time-charge. So users want to see a change in battery life, as they are expecting Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 to run four-five days on a single charge. The one good thing that users will get to see is Wear OS Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Samsung wearable usually opted to use Tizen where users struggle with Google’s Smartwatch operating system in apps. Users would like to see this situation improving. However, it is expected that this time Samsung will bring more apps to the device. 

Coming to the last RAM and Chipset of the new-generation wearable, Samsung doesn’t work in Smartwatch specs as fast as it works with Smartphones. This is why Samsung’s former models have the same chipset as the original Galaxy Watch. But it is definitely the best time for Samsung to improve both the Chipset and RAM of the newest watch as users want to see at least 1.5GB RAM and the latest Chipset. 

So from all of the above details, it is expected that Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 can bring something exciting as compared to its previous model. Gadget lovers who are waiting eagerly to have this dashing smartwatch on their wrists have to wait till August.

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