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Ironing Out PF Issues Using UMANG 

For working professionals, Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is paramount for maintaining their financial stability in the future. It is a popular government-established saving scheme for organised sectors. The scheme came into existence on 15th November 1951 with the promulgation of the Employee’s Provident Fund Ordinance. As the organised sectors progress in the country, more and more working professionals are getting their PF accounts opened. As per the Economic Times Report, net new enrollments under the EPF organisation in 2021-2022 surpassed all records and stood at 12.2 million compared to 7.71 million in 2020-2021, which suggested the sharp rise in professional job creation in the country. 

Nevertheless, the concern among users regarding EPF is endless, like checking balances, linking Adhar, and withdrawing money. The official website of EPF doesn’t have a responsive UI and fails to respond. Amidst the chaos users face with the official website, UMANG emerged out to be a knight in shining armour. 

UMANG: Revolutionising India’s Digital Landscape

Unified Mobile Application for New-Age Governance (UMANG) was developed by the Ministry of Electronics & Information and Technology as a single mobile platform to deliver extensive government services. PM Modi dedicated UMNAG to the nation on 23rd November 2017. The app offers access to PAN India Government services from the Central Government, State Government, Local Bodies, and their agencies and has seamless integration with platforms like PayGov, DigiLocker, Rapid Assessment System (RAS), etc. 

The app ensures mobile governance and moves towards the Digital India initiative. It offers 1200+ services and is available in 13 different languages. The app is available for iOS, Android, KaiOs and a feature phone. With the help of the app, users can pay utility bills and apply for certificates and scholarships. The app also allows users to scan and upload documents.

Check PF Balance Easily & Instantly

Checking PF balance through government websites can be challenging for users as the website doesn’t respond or load quickly. Each employee enrolled in the EPF programme is provided with a Unique Universal Account Number or UAN. You can check your PF balance through this app by following the steps:

Step 1 – Install the Umang app from the Play Store 

Step 2 – Register your mobile number 

Step 3 – Select “all services” from the list at the bottom 

Step 4 – Choose EPFO from the list of results 

Step 5 – To know the info about your EPF balance, click ‘view passbook.’ 

Step 6 – After entering UAN, click to get OTP

Step 7 – Now enter OTP and log in. 

Step 8 – After that, your passbook and EPF balance will be displayed on the screen

Link Adhar With PF Account

Linking Adhaar with the PF account is another major problem users face. It is necessary to link UAN with the Adhaar card number to get various facilities offered by EPFO. Since Umang is the one-stop solution for all essential government services, including filing income tax returns, here are the steps you can follow to access your link Adhaar with PF account:

Step 1 – Login to the Umang app using MPIN or OTP 

Step 2 – After logging in, navigate to the “All Service” tab and select EPFO. 

Step 3 – Select e-KYC services under the EPFO section 

Step 4 – Go with the “Adhaar Seeding” option under e-KYC services. 

Step 5 – Enter UAN and click “Get OTP” now; you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number with your EPF account. 

Step 6 – Now enter your Adhaar information, after which you will again receive an OTP on your registered mobile number and email address. 

Step 7 – Once the OTP verification is done, your Adhaar will be linked to your UAN.

Make Your PF Withdrawl Hassle-Free 

Withdrawing money from a PF account through the official EPFO website can be challenging for many users. You can use the Umang app to withdraw money from your PF account while sitting at home. Partial withdrawal is allowed in specific situations like marriage, medical reasons, home loan repayment, etc. Make your withdrawal hassle-free by following the steps given below:

Step 1 – Download the app from the Play Store and register with your registered mobile number. 

Step 2 – Select the EPFO option from the plenty of options available on the app

Step 3 – Fill in your UAN number by choosing the raise claim button.

Step 4 – Now enter the OTP you received on your registered mobile number

Step 5 – Select the type of withdrawal from your PF account and fill in the form. 

Step 6 – Submit to click the form and get a reference number to make a withdrawal request

Step 7 – Track your withdrawal request using the reference number provided.

Step 8 – Within 3-5 days, EPFO will transfer your money to your account

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