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​MAG World Expo 2023 – Exclusive Mobile Accessories & Gadgets Trade Exhibition Set to Commence in Mumbai!

MAG World Expo, an exclusive trade exhibition for Mobiles, Accessories, and Gadgets, is set to launch its second edition this year at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai! The event is set to take place from 15th to 17th February 2022. It will provide a platform for leading Indian brands in the mobile accessory space to showcase their latest products and technologies to the distributor and retailer communities.

The expo is set to host over 50+ exhibitors and brands covering the latest technologies, products, and solutions available for India’s Mobile, Accessories & Gadgets industry. Exhibitors will present and showcase innovations and cutting-edge ideas to a well-connected network of professionals from every sector of the Mobile Accessories & Gadgets Industry and would have the opportunity to meet, network, and interact with their potential customers such as potential distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and more! The event aims to target distributors, wholesalers, corporates, retailers, stockists, large institutional buyers, and E-commerce resellers, among other industry members.

The 3-day power-packed event of panel discussions and presentations from the biggest industry players in the Mobile, Accessories & Gadgets industry will serve as an education and knowledge hub addressing several topics within the industry. These include topics such as challenges, opportunities, technologies, and more through panel discussions and presentations.

MAG World Expo 2023 follows the success of its first-ever edition, which took place in Bengaluru in 2022. The event was widely recognised and received accolades from industry leaders across India. Recognizing the scope and growth opportunity for members of the Mobile Accessories & Gadgets in Mumbai, the organisers are curating a much bigger, better platform to connect leading mobile accessories brands with potential distributors, wholesalers, and retailers in India. So far, MAG World Expo is seeing the registration of hundreds of interested participants and companies across India.

Presented by Virgo Communications & Exhibitions, MAG World Expo 2023 takes pride in the Make-In-India initiative, with over 100+ leading Indian mobile accessory and technology brands set to take part in the expo. Some of these brands include Mobilla, Ubon, KDM, Varni, BK Star, Bluei and more!

Speaking about the expo, Mrs Anitha Raghunath, Managing Director of Virgo Communications & Exhibitions, said, “At Virgo, we believe in recognising the scope and opportunity within niche market segments and bringing them to light. With the huge potential and size of the mobile accessories market in Mumbai, we are aiming to create a business & knowledge-sharing platform bringing together leading Indian brands in the space and hundreds of retailers. We hope to create business and networking opportunities for our participants through MAG World Expo and contribute to the ever-growing mobile accessories market.”

MAG World Expo 2023 aims to build an exclusive platform for the most powerful brands within the Mobile, Accessories & Gadgets industry to come together and open doors to bigger business opportunities within the industry.

For more details about MAG World Expo and how you can participate or register, visit: https://www.magworldexpo.com/ 


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