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Emerging Smartphone Technologies To Make Phones Smarter

Smartphone Technologies

What do you expect your smartphone to function like? A laptop, camera or music player? Well, it can be anything and all thanks to emerging mobile technologies that are making phones smarter.

There are 6, 259 in the world carrying smartphones in their pockets as of 2022, and the number kept on increasing after the pandemic hit the world as even students need smartphones for online studies.  

That shows mobile has become a necessity and updated technology a priority. Now, this is the right time to see what are the emerging smartphones technologies to make your phone smarter. 

In the below section, we have discussed future mobile technology trends that can change the mobile world. We expect you to continue reading. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one significant example of advanced mobile technology. Well, the day has to come yet. You may be familiar with some of the following AIs:

  • Google Assistance
  • Cortona
  • Siri
  • Alexa

These are examples of AI that you may use on your devices. In addition to these forms of AI technology, mobile apps are now using software such as voice recognition to improve customer experience. The following are some more cases where the mobile industry can use AI.

  • Voice recognition apps for gaming, hand-free interaction and entertainment.
  • Motion and facial detection apps.
  • Personalised apps and recommendations in eCommerce.
  • Chatbots and virtual personal assistance in service industries. 

Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality

When it comes to emerging smartphone technologies to make phones smarter, AR/VR can not be overlooked. A couple of years ago, AR/VR was mostly used in gaming apps and marketing campaigns to impress users. Today, the mobile industry is using AR/VR as future mobile technology to make the things more practical such as:

  • Navigation
  • Interior design
  • User manual
  • Education
  • Object measurement

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Location-Based Technology

Your smartphones are tracking your location, that’s not a secret! Every time you download a new app, it asks your permission to access your location. Remember Uber, the riding app? Your driver needs your location to track and pick you up. Without your exact location, he won’t be able to connect with you.

Tracking location is one of the new technologies in mobile phones that businesses are also leveraging. Say you own a restaurant and have a mobile app. An app user will be notified of your ‘Lunch Special’ just a few blocks away from your restaurant. 

We have seen this advanced mobile technology and will continue to see its use in the future. 

Enhanced Mobile Security

Mobile security remains the hottest issue among smartphone users as mobile carry more confidential information than ever before. App security is one of the mobile technology trends that provide excellent security measures. 

The priority of the mobile industry is to pay extra attention to creating built-in security features in smartphones. If you use mobile banking applications, then you must have gone through screen lock to unlock the app, and if it is a digital transaction app, you may probably receive an OTP to make a payment. 

In our routine, we have been going through this future mobile technology and looking forward to coming up with more security features in upcoming years. 

Syncing Wearable With Smartphones

Wearables including smartwatches have become increasingly popular. Along with this, wearables can be glasses and healthcare monitors. Take Fitbit, a smartwatch, as an example. It can track all the movements of the person wearing it through the app that connects your mobile and smartwatch. Users can check their total step counts of the day, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen level and many other activities they perform throughout the day. 

This is one thing that an individual can do with future mobile technology. You can also use social media platforms through your wrist by syncing your smartwatch with your mobile. As a result, it leverages advanced mobile technology and increases engagement. 

Wrapping Up

Technology is constantly evolving; just compare your current smartphone with the phone you used 4-5 years ago. There are a lot of differences. 

As we can see, there are plenty of mobile technology trends that have come and gone, but some remain in the position. Current mobile trends speak for themselves and prove that technology continues to impact our lives to a large extent. 

Now it is to see how many mobile technologies have remained in trend and how many have to come. Stay tuned with us for more updates on upcoming technologies!

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