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Latest Smartphone Games Released In March 2023: Make Your List Now!

Are you getting bored of playing the same games again and again? No matter how much you love any particular game, there is a time when you need to try a new one. The virtual gaming industry is booming, and every day, game development companies release new games in different categories like sports, thrillers, adventure, and more. March witnessed the release of some epic games that any game lover should not miss. All the games mentioned in this post will be available for smartphones and come with high-quality graphics and interfaces. So, get ready to make a list of the latest smartphone games released in March 2023.

1- Volzerk

Volzerk is a monster-hunting game released specifically for adventure and thrilling game lovers. It crosses with Pokemon and lets players explore the different worlds while slaughtering the monsters and creatures. With its release, it gained massive popularity and position in latest smartphone games due to its amazing features that let you spend time raising your own monsters.

The art style of this game resembles the Genshin Impact and gives you a similar feeling during the swapping of monsters. Volzerk is a free-to-play game available for Android and iOS users. The only con of this game is that you must use in-game purchases to unlock the additional heroes.

2- Immortal Rising

Immortal Rising is an excellent addition to the RPG list with progressive ideas. It takes you into another world. The game was released at the beginning of March and featured flashy graphics that let you connect with the virtual world. You can also play it offline by using its liner gameplay mode. It is a fantastic idle RPG game that comes with manageable 2D graphics. You can easily download it from Play Store and AppStore.

3- Crime Trip

Do you love solving mystery cases? Crime Trip is one of the best games among the latest Android games released in March. In this mystery and adventure game, you need tosolve six crime cases from the 70s and 80s. Its AR feature will provide you with the feel of a premium game. Get ready to become Sherlock Holmes and solve some puzzling crime cases. Crime Trip is a free game and can be downloaded on Android and iPhone.

4- Mighty Doom

Mighty Doom created hype upon its release and offers many shooting experiences among the characters. However, upon its release, users find some lagging issues during the gameplay. It is among the best fighting games for smartphones, including different fighting modes.

In Mighty Doom, you can choose the main character of your choice and participate in the battle against the monsters. Moreover, it has a variety of advanced weapons which can be only unlocked by using in-game purchases. This action game must be on your list of must-have latest smartphone games.

5- Ace Racer

For all the super car game lovers, Ace Racer brings a thrilling experience with its high graphics and customisable cars. It is among the most anticipated latest smartphone games that allow players to change the colour of cars. Ace Racer has some fantastic features, like a car booster that adds a thrilling experience during the gameplay. Plenty of things players can do in this car race game to make it more fun. You can download Ace Racer from the Play Store and App Store.

6- Highwater

Do you want to experience top-notch 3D RPG gameplay? Highwater is the latest smartphone game released which is a perfect choice for adventure genre game lovers. The storyline of this game is of another level that gives you the real feel of the apocalypse.

Highwater game is divided into different stages, allowing players to choose from easy to hard. The players in a group exploring the post-apocalypse flooded the world, intending to escape it. With every proceeding level, your curiosity increases in this game. The Highwater game is available for Android and iOS users.

7- Dead By Daylight Mobile

Dead By Daylight Mobile is the upgraded version that saw a significant improvement in terms of graphics and gameplay features. In the list of the latest smartphone games, this game is one of the best action-adventure games.

In Dead By Daylight Mobile, players get the battle pass to utilise the advanced weapons. With its multiplayer feature, you can create your group and pass the mission before the day. The game is free-to-play and can be downloaded from PlayStore and AppStore.

8- Terra Nil

Terra Nil, released on 24 March, has a unique gameplay in which players must restore the devastated ecosystem and make it sustainable. In this game, you will get a feature to “Play with Netflix” if you have a subscription plan. All Netflix’s active users get access to Terra Nill’s exclusive features without paying extra money.  If you are looking for the latest smartphone games that are fun to play along with a creative storyline, Terra Nil should be on your list.

9- Doctor: Who Lost In Time

This game is developed based on the popular Sci-fi Franchise of the same name, Doctor: Who Lost In Time. It is straightforward that you must buy credits in order to upgrade the weapons. The storyline of this game is also excellent; it has classic twists and lets characters revisit their past. Doctor: Who Lost In Time is among the latest smartphone games in the idle game genre. This game is available on Play Store and App Store.

10- Lucid Lenses

Lucid Lenses is released as early access and is only available for pre-registered users. The adventure-romance genre game makes its place among the latest smartphone games due to its watercolour art style and storyline. It could be your best choice if you love games that revolve around storylines. You have been given choices during the gameplay that makes it interesting at every level. Lucid Lenses is a paid game that doesn’t include microtransactions.

The list of the latest smartphone games released in March 2023 contains our best picks, including different genres. You can easily download these games for your Android and iPhone and enjoy their advanced gameplay and unique storyline. We hope you found this list of games worth playing.


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